Monday, February 11, 2013

A to Z about me...

The lovely Ami recently posted this A to Z list and I thought I'd give it a whirl too since I haven't done one in ages. 

Using her idea for posting all the questions up front, that way if you are so inclined, you can copy and paste it too.

Bed Size
Chore You Hate
Essential Start To My Day 
Favorite Color
Gold or Silver
House or Apartment
Instruments Played
Job Title
Never Again 
Other Fun Fact 
Pet Peeve -
Righty or Lefty
Time You Wake Up
University Attended
Veggies You Dislike
What Makes You Run Late
Yum Food 
Zoo Animal Favorite


41 and when you say it fast it really doesn't seem that old. 41 boom. See that wasn't so bad. 41.
Although in my minds eye I'm only like 19 maybe 25 at the most. This age thing really creeps up on you. Do you remember when you were about 15 a person that was 40 seemed really over the hill? Now that I've crested 40 I see that life is really just beginning.

Bed Size:

Queen, but have a King penciled into my budget for this year. AND it will have a damn headboard! About 20 years ago we had a waterbed with a fancy headboard. Lots of shelves, a light, even a mirror. When the waterbed sprung a leak we got a queen bed and frame, planning on getting a headboard when the finances allowed and somehow that never happened. A headboard drops to the bottom of your need/want list pretty quick when you've got kids and they need shoes or whatever. 

Chore you hate:

Unloading the dishwasher or putting away clean clothes. I'll wash and load that dishwasher all day and wash then fold those clothes, just don't ask me to put that shit away - I will though when the dishwasher has been raided and it's only half full or the laundry basket has been dug through and the clothes are mostly unfolded again.


Too many. Casey, 13 year old wiener dog with a back injury and not the best control of her bowls. Tater, 8 year old yorki mix that is quite shy, hiding behind the toilet when friends come over and scaring them when they take a pee. BeeGee 6 year old york-pom mix with the softest fur and sweetest personality. Shasta 2 year old wiener dog, who has dreams of being top dog at our house. 
Gotta love the mutts - hair, shit and all.

Essential start to my day:

Love my coffee. Would really like to get one of those Kurig machines. Chyann's orthodontist office has one and I always have at least two cups when we are there. I look forward to her appointments, which really irritates her lol

Favorite Color:

If you'd have asked me this when I was a teen I would have said pink. In my 20's I'd have said red. In my 30's I'd have said yellow and now in my 40's it's still yellow. Yellow makes me feel good. If I could I'd paint my whole house yellow. As it is my entry way is yellow, downstairs bathroom is a bright yellow and going up the stairs is kind of a peachy yellow. Something about that color that really appeals to me. 

Gold or Silver:

Either or, doesn't matter to me. Both are beautiful. 

House or Apartment:

House. We have an older, but has been remodeled farm house. The original house was built in 1896 and not much is left of it. Been updated and changed through the years. Five bedrooms and 1 3/4 baths. Unfinished basement. Currently in need of some updates, which I hope will be done this year. 

Instruments played: 

Violin. In elementary school at Creekside Park I started playing the violin in 4th grade. Had lessons at school through sixth grade. Played on my own when we moved to bush AK throughout high school and then my violin got stashed away in a closet and mostly forgotten about until Colton developed an interest in music. We got it out and I tuned it up. Started to play and promptly broke two strings - cracked the bow too. Back into the case it went. 

Job Title:

Disenrollment and Late enrollment penalty specialist. Sounds kinda fancy, but it's not. 
If you want to disenroll from your medicare part c plan, I'll get that done for ya and when you enroll into a part d plan and haven't had part d since the time you were first eligible it's me that tells medicare that you had a gap in coverage so you can pay a penalty. 


3. They are the light of my life. Colton, Chyann and Caden. All wonderful and unique in their own way. Can't imagine life without them. My Mother once told me to enjoy the time I had with the kids because it passes much too quickly. She said the best time of your life will be when those kids are little and they need you on a daily basis, but you wont realize it because you'll be so tired and worn out from taking care of them. 

Stay tuned for part 2


Nicole said...

My husband got a Keurig for Christmas and I've used it way more than he has :). They're awesome. Mom got it at Kohls with discounts and Kohl's cash and what not :). And I'm with you... I hate putting away laundry. I'll wash it all day, it's the putting it up part that gets me.

Ami said...

I HATE PUTTING AWAY the laundry!!!

And don't do coffee... I always feel sorry for my mom when she gets out of bed, she's like a zombie until she gets that coffee. :)

Looking forward to the next installment. :)

SunnySD said...

Love your answers - what is it about putting away laundry and dishes that makes it such drudgery, anyway? Although dusting tops my list of household tasks to be avoided, clean laundry and clean dishes always seem to linger in view longer than they should around here....