Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's been going on? and The Fabulous 15!

 Long time no post.
Same ol' same old.
Lots of OT at work and not having the will to park my ass back on the computer to blog.
Not sure how much longer I'll have to work all the OT, but I'm thinking it'll last at least another month.
Which as you know, is both good and bad.
Good for the money, but I'm getting burned out and irritable (or so "they" say- whoever "they" are).


Last Saturday Chyann and I did go out for a wonderful ride.
It was about 27* with a light wind.

My favorite tree. 
Sure looks different with no leaves.

We were surprised how great the horses did, having not been out that far in a while.
The loop we rode took about 2.5 hrs to complete.
I got some fancy-dancy new long johns for xmas that I tried out for the first time and they sure kept me warm.
Only thing cold when we got home was my poor toes. 

Was a bit difficult monkeying  around with taking my gloves off to use the camera, but managed a few pictures of us. 

We mostly broke our own trail in the snow, but did come across a well packed snow machine trail and followed it for a while. 

We saw a hawk and ptarmigan, but no other wildlife. 
See the deer tracks? They were everywhere. 

My lovely daughter when we got home totally conked out.

Today is her 15th Birthday.
The fabulous 15.
She has sure grown up to be a fascinating young lady.

Happy Birthday Chyann!
You are definitely FABULOUS!

Football playoff time.
Bummer for the Packers. They sure tanked last nights game.
And the Broncos? The Ravens really got lucky there. 
Looking forward to today's games.

Have a great Sunday!


Lyndylou said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely girl. You have loads of snow, apparently we have snow on the way...ugg! Burning out is no fun, been there, done that. Hope you are managing time for you at the end of a long day x

Lisa said...

Happy birthday!!! You guys are so lucky to have horses. That white one is gorgeous. You have nice white snow to. We have rain. Blah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kellie,Finally feeling good enough to get caught up on the your blog.I cant believe Chyann is 15 yrs old.I can close my eyes and can see her for
the first time.That sounds so good a ride in the snow,Got to go,I love you Mom

tainterturtles said...

What a fun day and a Happy Birthday too! Can't believe Chyann is 15....yikes!

SunnySD said...

Happy Birthday to Chyann :)

Your snowy day ride looks like it was so much fun! What a lovely way to spend time together - and bareback is a great way to stay warm on these cold days. The ponies look as if they're enjoying themselves, too.

PAK ART said...

Happy Birthday to the sleeping beauty - that picture is quite hilarious! Sure hope your work schedule gets to be livable again - I've got a busy day ahead of me too and I'm getting to where I don't want to go to bed on Sunday night because I have to get up and start the work grind all over again.

Aunt Krissy said...

Love that pic!She must have been tuckered out. And you? Did you nap too?

Nicole said...

Something about riding in the extreme cold like that will wear you out! Send some snow our way please because if we're having to deal with this weather, we might as well have snow out of the deal, right? :)