Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The wine

As you know I like booze. 
Beer or wine, whatever and I'm not fussy - box wine, cheep beer.

My gal Sherri and I went to a wine tasting a few weeks ago. 
A local gal opened up a coffee shop that also has a consignment area.

We sampled some fantastic wines and beer that were all locally brewed/grown in our area.
They had some delicious cheese, crackers and assorted snacks to go with the wine too

We had the best time.
Met some fun folks.

I ended up buying some wine.
Just one bottle mind you, cuz it was 15 bucks!
I've never spent that much on one bottle of wine.
(im cheap, what can I say)

Oh LORDY LORDY is it the absolute BEST wine I've ever had!

It's Magenta by River Bend Vineyard & Winery.

By the end of the evening I couldn't say that word at all, kept saying Magneta and cracking up lol

Me, drinking a fantastic glass of Magenta.
Definitely going to have to get some more of it and attend the next wine tasting!


PAK ART said...

ha ha ha funny. I just recently discovered whipped cream flavored vodka with orange juice. Tastes like a creamcycle - it's good!

Lyndylou said...

Oh yum that wine sounds de-lish! I laughed when you said you couldn't even pronounce it by the end of the day lol :)

Anonymous said...

Kellie,. you are a crack up. I like cheap wine and beer too. cant pay that much for a bottle either. I found some at WalMart last week for $3.77/bottle. it was Oak Leaf brand. Sweet Red. Bill likes it, so think I'll go get more. there is a winery in Homer that has good wine, but it is spendy too. I quit buying wine in box cause I thought that I wouldnt drink so much.. hmmmmm.. didnt work :-) the box wines are getting spendy up here too. In fact all alcohol prices went up on January 1.


tainterturtles said...

Love the photo. Look at all those critters on your lap!!!

Guess I'll have to try some River Bend Magenta wine.

Nikker said...

Mmmm, wine! (0:

Nicole said...

Wine tastings are fun!! My work comp wouldn't let me comment... Stupid filters!!

SunnySD said...

Sounds like fun! I'm such a lightweight, I'm usually the designated driver because more than one drink has me asleep in a corner and I don't get to enjoy the rest of the evening. Love the picture - you sure have a lapful of cozy critters.