Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 and a brief look back on 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Years eve.

We laid low and watched two classic Chevy Chase films with the kids - Nothing but trouble and Funny Farm.  
The kids did some fireworks and we were in bed by 1230a.
I was back up and working by 6a. 

Managed to get a corneal abrasion from a hay flake while feeding the animals last week too. 
Freaking hay is dangerous stuff I tell ya. 
My eye hurt like you wouldn't believe!

 Between  the sore eye and OT, I haven't gotten much accomplished this last week that didn't absolutely have to happen and that includes taking down the Christmas decorations and tree - they've got to come down today (or tomorrow at the latest)!


It is Saturday and I am NOT working today! 
The eye is better, temperatures are going to be in the high 20's - I'm feeling like it's a good day for a snow ride!

BUT first - 

Do you make a yearly resolution?

I don't, but I definitely have a few things on my mental list that I plan to get done/do.

Top of the list is to replace my bathroom floor.
The bathroom currently has those 12" square self adhesive vinyl tiles on it.
 They've been here since we moved in 10.5 years ago. 
With the normal wear and tear, not to mention being above the furnace and it being the hottest room in the house - the corners on a lot of them are chipping and chunking off.
Looks like shit.
I'm thinking those snap-tiles will look fantastic and be relatively easy for an amateur tile layer (me) to put in. 

Get some painting done.

Plant a lot of trees.
Come spring I'm going to dig up a bunch of two to four foot trees Chyann and I spied during our horse rides and plant them around the place.
Can't ever have enough trees.

Sounds like a pretty manageable list.
Anything else is gravy. 

2012 was a wonderful year for our family.

We've all been healthy!
(with the exception of the occasional minor illness - oh and that corneal abrasion I just had lol)

Can you believe we actually managed to go a whole 365+ days without a surgery?
Although we did have a close call with Chyann and her toxic cat scratch.

A lot of changes too with Colton going off to college - a new family balance had to be found.

Caden had been lost without Colton and had a hard time understanding why when he was home, Colton diddn't have a lot of time for him. sigh.... 
The Hubby has really stepped up and helped him through this transition. 
They are always working on a project of some kind - out in the garage, around the house - whatever.
It's nice to see them really having fun together - not that they didn't before, but now it's more somehow.

Colton in turn, has matured and shown us glimpses of what an incredible man he will continue to morph into -  with some of the dumb ass kid crap thrown in for good measure. 
His dedication to getting an education and good grades makes us very proud.
I know it had to be incredibly hard for him, the original homebody if there ever was one, to go off to school and be plunged into a whole new way of life.

Chyann continues to thrive and defy all expectations.
She holds herself to such high goals and settles for nothing less.
Her beauty, inside and out, is astounding.

These kids are the light of my life - they make me and the Hubby so proud.

Life would be pretty boring without them.

Some changes I could do without though.
Like last night at walmart looking at glasses I just happened to really look at myself in the mirror. 
The bright lights definitely show how time is marching across my face and the gray hair!
I might have to rethink my decision to be an au-natural gal and dye that crap - ugh.. 


Here is to a fantastic 2013!

Wishing you and yours Health and Happiness in abundance!


Ami said...

Your post made me smile. The ups and downs of family, the love and hugs and time together... that's the important stuff. You're right... nothing else matters. :)

And the gray hair and old lady skin? I understand. :) I have decided 'I look how I look'. I'm still the same person inside. That slender beautiful 19 year old bride never went anywhere. She's just, you know, imprisoned inside.

Happy New Year!!!

SunnySD said...

Happy New Year! Love your year-end family wrap-up. You have such a way of putting things, it makes me smile.

Hope your eye is better quick. I've managed to somehow avoid hay-eye so far this season, but the why chaff gets to flying, I'm sure it's only a matter of time, and it's never fun.

Gray hair and wrinkles - I keep telling T, he'd better get used to gray, because I'm too used to being low maintenance to start worrying about coloring anything now. But it's tempting some days - lol!

tainterturtles said...

I like your honesty Kellie! You've gone through a lot of changes with your oldest leaving for college. It's amazing how fast the family structure can change.

As for your gray hair, yup it happens!

PAK ART said...

You will always be younger than me if it makes you feel any better! I decided long ago not to cover the gray because I didn't want to be that woman (we all know one) who looks so unnatural in her too dark hair that doesn't match her wrinkles and age. I'm actually kind of liking the gray. You have much to be proud of in your three kids - you and hubby have done a good job raising them!

Lyndylou said...

I have been dying hair since my teens and I am not going to stop now :) too much frosting shows through to stop! Glad you had a chilled new year and hope 2013 is a healthy and happy one for you all :) xxx

Nikker said...

No resolutions here...just a small to do list! :0) No reason to set myself up for failure!
Your year end run down was great, a quiet year is a good year.
Natural is good...when it comes to things like boobs, wrinkles, and eye color...enhancing ones hair, well that's just fun AND if it hides some grays well that's just an added bonus! :0)


Anonymous said...

Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie...
happy New Year!! everyone who has commented is right.. there is NOTHING wrong with going grey.. wait till you see me next time.. I quit dying about 3 years ago.. My hair cutter says it looks good and not to dye it, so I dont!! Besides, you are blonde, so it wont be as noticeable.. I think!!

good to hear from you. Keep on Blogging!!

love you.

Nicole said...

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. You generally leave me giggling. I love the au-natural part and dying that crap. hahahaha. Love it!

Aunt Krissy said...

Love must be blind cause you still look like the wondeful Kellie that I know and love. I don't see the change. I know that you can Cal have done a great job with your kids. They are good ones! Even when Colton pulls a DA stunt, he's still a good kid, just in that man/boy stage.

xx00 krissy