Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coffee anyone?

Morning folks.

It's all quiet at my house. 
I like getting up before everyone else.
 shhhh, it's peaceful - quiet

 I am sitting here on my sore bum drinking coffee and getting caught up on my favorite blogs. 

Managed to catch the cold my children have been passing around since Colton came home from school in December. 

My poor nose is red and so chapped that I've had to lube it up with neosporin.
 This week has been filled with multiple boxes of kleenex, sudafed and advil. 
With as much as I've blown, you'd have thought I would have ran out of snot a while ago.

We had a brief warm up earlier in the week that melted even more of our snow.
Then a monster wind storm that came in with a cold front last night.
 Sustained winds were 40k with gusts 50+, really shaking and rattling the house. 

Today it's sure cold out and it's only going to get worse - the high temp tomorrow is going to be a balmy -5 and windy  BURRRR.

Hard to believe January is more than half way done.
I got a seed catalog in the mail this week.
It has me dreaming about planting my garden this summer.
Can't wait for that first tomato. 

Funny story for the week. 
Chyann had two girls spend the night on Friday to celebrate her birthday.
She wanted to go to the movies, but didn't want me to take them (guess I would have cramped their style) so she talked Colton and his girlfriend into hauling them to town and seeing the movie with them.
Guess they didn't realize that to see an R rated movie - some haunted house spoof, that you'd need YOUR MOTHER to get you in.
They got there and got turned away LOL
See now it wouldn't have been so bad for your Mother to have taken you after all.
Lesson learned I think.

Colton's car broke down in town earlier in the week.
He called me in a panic because there was smoke pouring out from under the hood.
I told him to call his Dad - he already had tried and couldn't get ahold of him.
My sage advise was to get the fire extinguisher out and open the hood. 
See what is going on. 
He did and thankfully there was no fire but lots of thick black smoke.
Daddy-O finally arrived and they towed it off the side of the road to a store parking lot for a closer look at what was going on. 
Apparently the transmission line failed and spewed fluid all over the hot engine - causing all that black smoke.
Easy fix for the Hubby ~ YAY!
Sure scared Colton though. 
He was worried the engine had taken a shit.
His car is getting old and tired - high miles.
Fingers crossed it holds out till summer. 

I'm actually going to have two days off this week.
Course I had to work 12 hours yesterday so I could have Sun and Mon off, but was worth it.

I feel like baking.
I feel like starting the tax info round up.
I feel like cleaning out the junk drawer.
I feel like watching some football.
I'm feeling a nap coming on.

Happy Sunday to ya :)


PAK ART said...

I enjoyed catching up with you this morning! Even though I don't drink coffee I could almost smell it as you sit there in the quiet sipping on a cup. We've got big flakes of snow coming down right now. Looks beautiful!

Nikker said...

Coffee? I love coffee!! (0:
50 mph winds?!! No thank you! We've gotten to the cold temps here lately, but have yet to hit below 0. I'm sure the negative digits are coming soon... )0:
That's funny about the R rated movie... I thought the "youngens" just had to have someone of age (18) with them to get in. Learn something new everyday!
I'm ready for spring...

tainterturtles said...

I can't start my morning without coffee. In the morning I get out of bed and go right to my espresso machine...sometimes I don't even pee first, I just go for the java. Hee, Hee!

Sorry to hear about the head cold. Thank heavens it's not the flu.

Stay warm Kellie girl!

Nicole said...

haha the movie thing kind of reminds me of when I was 19 and the guy I went to the movies with was 18. Both of age to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre but when he went to get the tickets I asked if he need either A) my license or B) me to go up with him. He's like no they never card me. It was hilarious because they carded him and then made him come get my license :)

SunnySD said...

Coffee! Sitting here with a nice hot cup, catching up with everyone - great way to start the day. Hope your cold is better. I swear the only thing worse than an winter cold is a summer cold (except in the summer when a summer cold is MUCH worse than a winter cold - lol!).

Glad the car wasn't something dire. Very little scarier than big clouds of black smoke pouring out. Dad to the rescue, love it. I still panic call mine on occasion when I can't get T quick enough.

Happy Tuesday! Hope your week's off to a good start!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I was there to have coffee with.Good company always makes coffee better.We were 65 here today but they say the cold weather is a coming.I was thinking just today I need to get my flower beds cleaned up.What movie did the kids end up seeing.Heck I really didnt think they even cared about that any more.Hope your cold is better Gerry was digging out the pond yesterday,got his 4 wheel wheel tractor stuck bad!! bet he would love to have Cal come to save him.Must go.Love u Mom

epond yesterday and got the tractor