Monday, January 28, 2013

Last week and then some in review...

Yeah, I know it's been a while.

Last week was crazy cold!
Back porch thermometer read -20* on the worst day.
Glad the Hubby was home on vacation to keep the fire stoked up for me (and run the kids up to the bus stop), otherwise I'd have been booking up and down two flights of stairs all day to keep'er going - not that the exercise would have been a bad thing, but work probably would not have appreciated it much.

With the cold temps we had some amazing sun rises.

This picture just doesn't capture how brilliant the sky was and how the trees looked to be on fire.
(yes i am gonna scoop that poop soon - was just too freaking cold out)

A little more brilliant sky, then my camera quit.
Don't know if it froze up or what, but it worked fine that afternoon when I was checking it out.

Do you see the bird in the top of that tree behind Scotch?

Colton left home for the second semester of college on Saturday AM.
I think he must have learned a thing or two because the car was packed with stuff he took back with him.
From food to bedding and everything in between.

He does have a meal plan at the school - two meals any time of the day, lots of selection and however much you want - but he says the food sometimes gives him a gut ache.
He'd rather eat ramen and soup in his room.
No room mate this semester either - his went to Spain for a class or something.

And for the the other kids - two quarters down - two more to go.

Shit summer is almost here.
Speaking of summer, can you tell the difference in daylight where you live?
I sure can here.
Staying light longer in the evening now - full dark by about 530p and light enough for me to see the kids walking up to the bus stop by 720a. 


Saw Krissy for the first time in I don't know how long recently.
She taught Caden some new knots for making friendship bracelets. 
(he has a wrist full of them now and so do all his friends)


3 year anniversary of quitting SMOKING on the 21st!

Best thing I ever did just for me.


Last big push for OT at work these next two weeks.
Forgot what it's like to just work 40 hours a week.


 It warmed up today too - it's about 33* out.
Feels like a heat wave compared to how cold it was
and we've got another freeze coming by Thursday.

Time to make dinner.

Have a good evening, stay warm :)


Ami said...

AWESOME on the no smoking thing!! It is DAMN hard to quit, but the rewards are huge.

It hasn't been that cold here, but cold enough that I'm longing for summer myself.

And yes, I have noticed it's staying light a little longer. I like that. Seems to help boost me a bit.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, three years??? Good for you Kellie, you just added 10 years to your life....that's what I heard on the news last week.

Like these warmer days, but the bottom will drop out on Wednesday, then it's back to subzero temps.

Nikker said...

The sky in your pictures is awesome! Love the colors.
Not sure if I'd rather have our snow OR your cold! (0:
I'm ready for summer... (0:

PAK ART said...

Yes, we can see the changes. It's light when I leave work at 5:00 now, but not when I work late till 6:00pm. Soon though! Your sunset is beautiful. Hang in there. Will OT quit after end of year is over?

Lyndylou said...

That sky is absolutely stunning! It sucks when the kids go back to school away from home :( Have just had Holly leave so I feel your pain.

I am so impressed that you have stopped smoking for so long, you go girl. x

SunnySD said...

Yay! A new installment - I've been missing keeping up with you.

Congrats on that anniversary!!! I bet it hasn't been easy, so good for you.

Wow, your sunrises have been amazing. Your pictures are gorgeous - bet it was just too cold for your camera batteries. I LOVE how fuzzy and fluffy your horses look. I wish we were getting more snow, but I'm not at all jealous of your temps - lol! I'm always amazed at how warm the ponies stay when it's that cold. Ours all had their SD winter coats when we moved them down, so some days they're actually too warm. I'm kind of curious to see if they get this furry next winter!

Nicole said...

Lovely pictures! It was 70 here yesterday... No that's not normal for us. Cold front is pushing through tonight. Normal for us this time of year is 30-40 degrees so 70 was a bit odd.

Congrats on the smoking thing. I have a friend trying to kick the habit, but so far no luck :(. I just keep supporting her.

Anonymous said...

congrats Kellie!! that is very impressive.

i love your pictures.. they are beautiful. So, we have been cold, you are warm. Its supposed to warm here on Wed and maybe rain.. you are going to get cold.. interesting!!

its great to have daylight till almost 6pm if it clear... still dark in the mornings till around 830am or so .

glad you got to see Krissy.. I miss her blogging..

have a great rest of the week.. Hi to the fam.

love you.