Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MLK day and 2 yrs of being a non-smoker

MLK day was yesterday.
I had it off and enjoyed a surprise visit from Krissy. Had not seen her in a coons age (funny I had dreamed about her the night before too). We had lunch and got caught up on life and such.

It was also my 2nd anniversary of quitting smoking!
So pleased that I can say that - 2 years being a non-smoker - YAY!

Seemed like once I really decided to quit that was it for me (had to stop mind screwing myself first though. You know how you tell yourself - I'll quit tomorrow or I wont be the one who gets cancer or the best rationalization for smoking I NEED THIS CIGARETTE BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER/TAKE AWAY THE STRESS - whatever. Smoking for me was a bullshit crutch and I decided I was sick of it.

Course I had all the miserable cravings, which I was able to get through by taking as deep of a breath as I could and holding it for as long as I could. At first I sure couldn't hold it long and usually ended up coughing, but now I can hold my breath for a good long time with no coughing and I don't get out of breath unless I'm really doing something that warrants it. Still haven't lost the 10 pounds that I gained, but I haven't put on any more than that either, so I'm ok with that - well not really, but I hope to get more active now that I'm on a good schedule and have more daylight hours to work with. Glad that I don't stink like an ashtray. Amazing to me how bad smokers smell and they have no clue.

Life is good - especially being a non-smoker :)
Here's to it being a short week and more football this weekend!

PS - yes I'm bummed the Packers tanked it, but there is always next year. Can't decide if I want the 49er or the Giants to win...


Anonymous said...

congrats Kellie!! thats a great accomplishment.. I can't imagine how much money you save too? I have a very hard time with the second hand smoke too..

glad you got to see Krissy.

love you!!

Ami said...

Awesome accomplishment. I quit in 1992, and it was SO DAMN HARD. But I am glad I did it.

As for football, sorry, I quit that, too. Never really started, actually. ;)

Can't ever call me an athletic supporter, huh?

tainterturtles said...

I'm proud of you Kellie! You are doing a good thing for your heart and lungs.

Aunt Krissy said...

That's my Kellie! Just where are those 10lbs at? I can't see them!

Go 49'ers

PAK ART said...

I think I need to get the same attitude towards weight loss as you had to cigarettes. It's a crutch and I let it control me. Wow, I feel like I'm in a self-help group - maybe I should confess all my sins here! I'm missing Krissy now.