Saturday, January 14, 2012

This, that and the big 14

I have no idea what has kept me so busy this last week. A few highlights were:

Going out to dinner and getting a full, huge glass of lemon-aid spilled in my lap. Almost hitting someones horse on the way home in the dark. Trying to catch the little guy when no one was home, calling the non-emergency police line to let them know. The football playoffs are here. Having the most gorgeous spring like weather for a few days; spending all my time outside cleaning up crap and enjoying the fresh air. We even had a record high temp on Tuesday of 53*. Then of course it got crappy and by Thursday our high temp was only 16* and windy as hell. We ended up getting about 4 inches of snow too - burrrrr. Winter is here. Can't complain about it too much since we'll start seeing the real spring present itself in about six weeks or so. I can handle that, especially since the days are definitely getting longer. With my new schedule it feels like I have a new outlook (yes, that probably means I'm not so bitchy). I've got time again to do baking and try out new recipes for dinner, instead of relying on the quick and easy standbys.

My baby, Shasta Breeze and the new LEGO CITY!

Colton, getting some fresh air. Last week's doctor appointment confirms that he is growing new cartilage and should have a good outcome from the operation. One more week of no weight bearing. He has been a trooper, hasn't even taken any pain meds for 10 days. Getting a bit of cabin fever though.

And last but not least, the lovely Chyann turned 14 yesterday! Hard to believe, but true. She is growing into a wonderfully beautiful young lady with loads and loads of potential to do anything her heart desires. I'm so proud of all that she has accomplished and continually amazed by her determination and force of will, course these strong traits can be a problem on occasion as well, but more often than not are a good thing.

Happy 14th Birthday Chyann!


Ami said...

Love the legos... If I could, I would buy one large new set every single week for 'my' kids at work. Even the girls love them.

Keeping weight off the foot for so long would be impossible for me, I swear. How awful to have to do that, but glad it seems to be healing.

And 14! That's a great age. And she sounds like an amazing young person, on her way to becoming an amazing adult.

As for the weather? WE are supposed to get snow here. ::sigh:: I hate snow.

Aunt Krissy said...

Where were you at that you got dumped on with the ice cold drink? Did you leave a tip?!

I bet Colton has cabin fever big time, at his age and not being able to drive must be killing him.

I don't see how Chyann's strong traits can ever lead to problems! I know that she is an Angle all the time!

tainterturtles said...

Chyann is looking more and more like her mama! Start counting the next four years because it will go fast!

I'm glad you are enjoying your working from home. No car travel makes a BIG difference. When my hubby stopped his commute back and forth to work,it made a big difference in his quality of life.

Wow, nice legos!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Chyann!! wow.. i remember when you were born... it seems a long time ago.. oh maybe 14?

kellie..whats your new sched??