Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cat craziness and more...

First off, I'll say that last week was the most painful for Chyann to endure through this whole growth process.

It was so bad I was beginning to believe she might have a bone infection, hence the two calls to the doctor's office, RX refills and a cancelled hair appointment because she could literally NOT get out of bed.

But the news is good!

The desired growth has been reached! 40mm!!
Her computers have been turned off and removed from her Ilizarov frame!

Almost immediately her pain levels went waaaay down!
She still has pain, like you'd have from a broken leg (which technically she does have), but the pulling and stretching of the muscles, tendons, skin and all that are no longer a factor for increasing pain -- which is very good.

At this time we are waiting to hear from the doctors office to see if they'll be able to squeeze her into the schedule for surgery on Wednesday or if she'll have to wait until Friday to get her frame removed. We are sooo hoping they can get her in on Wednesday!

Meanwhile she appears to have a mild case of the flu, great right? Poor kid.

Anyhow now the cat crap.

We've had a stray cat in our barn off and on for the last six months or so. Never had any problem with him. He'd be here for a few days then gone for a few weeks. We think he's been in some fights with our two barn cats, but nothing major. You could never get close to him, he always ran away from people.

So, one day last week Colton and the Hubby were out feeding the animals and came upon him in the tack room sleeping in our cat Sparkys bed. Colton for what ever reason decided to pet/pick up this cat. Dad not too far behind him barely had time to say "Leave that cat alone" before the cat attacked Colton! No joke.

(colton and sparky)

The cat bit through his coat, sweatshirt and shirt. A huge hissing scratching fight ensued with Colton unable to get the cat off of him. The Hubby grabbed the cat and ripped him off Colton.

Then did what had to be done in case the cat had rabies.

Did you know that 80% of cat bites become infected? They do.

Of course urgent care was closed already so we went to the ER where he was given a shot and antibiotics. Xray's too in case a tooth got broken off in the muscle - it hadn't but sure was a deep puncture wound.

THEN we got to go to the county sheriffs department and fill out a bite report.

We just heard back yesterday that the cat did not have rabies, which is a relief.

Meanwhile Chyann has been bugging her Dad to get her a kitten.

He did - two actually.

So below is Cairo - the orange gal and Gracie - the gray baby.

All I can say about these two cats is that they did and are really cheering up Chyann and that they use the litter box.

Mom and Gracie.

WE miss you already Mom!


lyndylou said...

Sorry to hear about your son getting bitten by the cat! Awful for him. BUT ace news about your daughter! Whoo Hoo!!!

Aunt Krissy said...

Great news about Chy! And poor Colton, good thing that the cat did not have rabies or Colton would have had to have all those shots! Ouch!

crochet lady said...

Too bad Chyann has been in so much pain, glad that is getting better and the stretching is done.

Untamed cats can be real nasty. Poor Colton.

The new kitties are cute. It is funny how a young girl's plea to dad can really work wonders :)