Friday, March 25, 2011

What's happening?

Wacky winter storm Tuesday night and into Wednesday that we got about 10 inches of snow/sleet, even a bit of rain from. The kids got a snow day Wednesday too, which the boys were very happy for - especially Colton who used that extra day to finish a big project for English class. Now our temps are not expected to get much above freezing for then next week. So none of the snow we got will be melting any time soon. That really burns my butt as we just about had all our snow gone before this last dump.

Chyann continues to regain strength. It is a very slow process though. She is now using her crutches some instead of relying on the wheelchair all the time. She is absolutely terrified of breaking the new bone or bending her knee still. The docs say she'll get more bold (back to her old self) as the pain fades and she gets stronger. All her leg holes are healing well too, apparently they had to cut more holes in her to get the pins/wires out. She ended up having 15 total wounds on her leg instead of the original seven.

Colton is down to the last week before the play opens at the school. They are putting on the Princess and the mattress and he is the King. His character is that of a lecherous king, who ogles and chases all the women in the castle. The King was enchanted by a witch and he is unable to speak so most of his role is gestures and body language until the end. Should be interesting. Last Sunday the cast put on a Royal tea for the community. The cast wore their costumes, but no make up. Lots of kids came dressed in their best princess and knight outfits. They were all very cute.

Gracie plopped herself into Chyann's math book.

Got a little wild when it was attempted to remove her.

Now looks like a princess when she gets her way.

Don't you love those spots on her tummy?

Mom this is just for you!
I finally beat your high score!!!

My Mother is the Yahtzee Queen and I've knocked her off her the pedestal!


lyndylou said...

poor you, more snow! Yuck. Love that kitten and I hope the play goes well.

Chyann is doing so well, well done to her :)

tainterturtles said...

It's so nice to see that Chyann is not in a lot of pain like before.

And that kitty cat...she knows how to really work the nice warm lap!! What beautiful markings on her tummy.

I surely don't want to return home to the winter wonderland, especially since there's no snow in Southern WI!

Anonymous said...

Colton in a play? Thats cool!!

its snowing here today, just lightly and its about 35 degrees, so know it wont stick.


Aunt Krissy said...

You are so mean to your mom, kicking her off her mountain! I am looking forward to the play and no ,I don't want another one of your cats!

Lisa said...

I just love the kitten!