Monday, December 13, 2010

Big Snow

Well, that was fun!

As you've probably heard, we had a big ol' storm here in the mid-west over the weekend.

Boy was it a whopper!

I heard we got about 18" of snow.
Kind of hard to tell with all the drifts in my opinion.

All the horses were in the barn for over 24 hrs.
They were all frisky when we let them out yesterday.

4' drift in front of the shed, at the bend in the driveway.

Buried hot tub.

4" snow drifts all the way around the pool.

The back porch, there is a table under all that snow. The Hubby used the snow blower to clear this off.

A friend of ours came by and did the driveway for us.

Sure enjoyed our Saturday though. Watching movies, napping and one aborted snow machine ride (snow was too fluffy, we kept getting stuck).

Sunday was all about moving that snow. With the wind blowing it was very cold.
Looks like the kids will have school today. They were sure hoping for a snow-day.
A lot of schools in the area are closed due to the wind chill factor.

Stay warm.


Aunt Krissy said...

Well, if school is open that means the library will be too.

You sure did get some drifts!

PAK ART said...

Wow! You all got a lot of snow! That is a beautiful picture of Casper - it makes me want to paint it....maybe I will. If I do I'll send it to Chyan...but don't hold your breath. I've got lots of other projects I need to do.

crochet lady said...

My boys were really hoping for school to be closed as well.

Lisa said...

Wow! We're just getting rain and wind. I'd rather have snow. Lucky people!

That's a beautiful photo of the snow and the horse.

dirtyduck said...

thats a lOT of snow, but CUTE horse pictures!

Colorful Colorado said...

Send it down my way - we are way too dry.. Hit record in Pueblo yesterday of 72 degrees. Hopefully will get rain then snow they say we will get in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Kellie,That made me miss you all .
Wish I could have seen their plays.The kids are on Monday.You know i have always loved Christmas plays.Love you oodas and bunches mom