Sunday, December 26, 2010

Aaah, Christmas

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend.
I hope you all did as well.

Caden put out the cookies and milk for Santa this year and completely on his own added a note of Thanks. Pretty cute.

The kids waiting very patiently for Daddy'O to get the video camera set up.

Dad's favorite gift. I took the kids to the mall and got it done Friday.

I absolutely love it!

We had completely decided against getting a puppy for the kids -long story, but Colton's girlfriend ended up bringing this pup over on Christmas afternoon. She did say that she'd take her back home if we really didn't want her and of course all the kids wanted her, so she is here to stay. No name yet, but a few Cinderella - call her Cinder or Ella, Black Friday - Friday, Black Diamond - Di, Chewy, Nevada and Alabama are in the running.

Krissy came over and we put on the best feast! I tell ya we gals can really cook!

The table was so loaded with food we couldn't put it all on! Pass the dish and back to the kitchen counter it went. I love having Krissy for holidays! It's like having family here. We visit, bitch, complain, giggle, rag on the kids/each other and in general totally enjoy ourselves!

This afternoon I took the kids into town to do a little ice skating.

Our good friends joined us too.

Chyann and Caden skating together.

Then biting the ice!

Caden bounces right back up, but

Chyann has got to fix her hair and make sure her new phone wasn't damaged in the fall. Jeez.

Can you believe that she wants to cut all those lovely locks off again?
She is just beautiful.

Got to talk to all my family members on Christmas too.

I sure loved that.

My Daddy also said Happy Birthday - in six months.

Apparently he can only remember my Birthday is exactly six months from Christmas.

He even commented that he can't believe I'm gonna be sooo old (40, yikes). I told him I couldn't believe how old that will make him!

Back to the grind tomorrow, but at least it's another short week!


tainterturtles said...

Your Christmas sounded great Kellie. I'm glad Krissy could enjoy the holiday celebration with your family.

Love that portrait of the kids...very cool.

Aunt Krissy said...

We do have a good time don't we? I'm so glad/gratefull that I have you as my friend here in WI.

Anonymous said...

Chyann sure looks like you! she is beautiful!! Glad you had a great Christmas and am glad you are so close to Krissy. We miss you guys!!


crochet lady said...

Like that pic of the kids. Oh, puppy sure is CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Kellie,Gerry said so glad you had a nice Christmas.and so glad you have the snow not us.We both wish we could have been with there for all the fun. I to feel so good about Chris being there.It makes me happy to know she is there.
Chyann,does look just beautiful.Gerry thinks she looks just like you.So do I.All is good here.Gerry redone the math and the cows will now have there babies about the middle of Jan.The pictures of the kids ice skating sure took me back to you kids skating at skunk hollow.Must go but i miss all of you,love all of you Mom