Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's a New Year

Can you believe it's already 2010?!

Seems like not too long ago everyone was in a big
panic about Y2K. Remember that?
The computers were all going to crash and the world
was going to come to a screeching halt!


This last week has been busy.
We never made it home before dark,
therefore my evenings were crazy!

Currently our quest has been to find and purchase
a new washing machine.
Can't just go to Sears and say I'll take that one, load'er up.
Nope, we had to go to every store that sold washers.
What a pain.
I know we want to get the best bang for our buck, but
I'd have been happy with that first one we saw at Sears.
And really who is going to be using it? Me, that's who.
So, it doesn't really matter what the hubby likes, right?
Today we are going to Eau Claire and get the one HE
thinks will be best. FINE. Lets just get the damn thing!

My plan is to remove the doors in the laundry nook,
clean it up, take down the old cabinates, re-paint, put the
machines in and at some point make a curtin to hang instead
of putting the doors back on.

It's been cold here too!

This AM it was about -12.

Casper is so small that he gets hay dribbled on him
from the other horses.

This is our neighbors horse Copper.
Gotta feel sorry for the guy.
He is in a mostly wooded area with no shelter, but
trees all by his lonesome so he hangs out buy our fence
to watch our horses. He sure looks cold, can you
see the ice on his eyelashes?

The cows are pretty frosty this am too.

When I go out to feed the animals I have to keep reminding
myself that spring really is around the corner :)


Kris said...

Poor horse, all alone. Mayeb you should let him in with your horses?

Anonymous said...

Kellie!! good to hear from you again. After 36 degrees and rain on Tues/Wed, its 18 degrees and clear this morning! sure is nice to see the sun. had a little (2inchs or so) of new snow this week mixed with the rain, so a little fresh stuff on the ground. I bought a new dryer the beginning of December. Saw the Home Depot ad in the paper Friday and I had the dryer Saturday afternon. No running around for me...
hope you have a great weekend.

tainterturtles said...

Poor little Casper, and that neighbor's horse too.

Kellie sound a little irritated! Do I need to come over and have a little talk with your honey?

PAK ART said...

I second Kris' motion. Let Copper come over and play. He won't cause any trouble, I'm sure of it.