Sunday, December 27, 2009

All done and moving on

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

We were all snugged up in our warm house during the storm
and enjoyed a quiet Christmas.
Our son's girlfriends family didn't end up coming over,
so it wasn't a huge scurry all over to straighten up the place.
Instead I took 3 - yep count em - 3 naps!
I have been fighting some bug or another and really
needed the rest apparently.

My hubby cooked apple wood smoked prime rib
and it was really very good.
Add all the trimmings, including 2 pumpkin pies
that I didn't drop and a feast was enjoyed by all.

Caden had to show off his new football uniform!
This was the best present by far for him.
In fact he was worn it 24/7 since Christmas morning.

And if you'll notice he got his 2 front teeth too!

What a lucky kid..

Lot's of snowmachine riding today as
it was a beautiful day with mild temps and
an abundance of sun!

I love Christmas, but am glad it's in my rear view mirror.
We only have one gift to return for another size and
I don't plan on doing that until some of the Christmas
return rush is over.
Krissy gave us a bop-it game and the challenge is on
with Chyann and I. Currently I have the high score of
100, but she is determined to knock me off my pedestal
and soon!!


tainterturtles said...

Hi Kellie....I'm so glad your family had a good Christmas.

Hope you are feeling better. Love the tooth photo. Way to go Caden.

crochet lady said...

It's great to see what you guys are up to. Love those new front teeth!

That game sounds fun. What exactly do you bop?

PAK ART said...

snow machining on the farm looks like a lot of fun. Isn't bop it something like hot potato?