Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goofy horse

It's winter here in WI, so the ground is snow covered.
We feed our horses heavy twice a day.
It takes time/energy to paw through the snow
to find something to eat between meals and usually
someone (your mama)
will come and push you off anyway,
So, being a goofy ass horse you will take the easy way out.

Behind the barn we have metal ramps that the Hubby
backs the truck up onto unload the hay. He puts
gates up infront of this area to keep the horses
out because they will poop everywhere and knock
over those metal ramps.
The easy way for Jenny is to lean and lean
and lean on those metal gates until her
imense weight bends the metal gate and she either
is able to step over it or give it another good
lean and it falls down.
Then she is able to vaccume up all the stray bits of
hay that have fallen off the hay fork and
as I said before poop everywhere.

She will be there until we feed the animals in the
evening because she wont cross the fallen gates.

Well, something spooked her good as we were going
out to the barn the other night and she apparently decided
that going through that gate was better than
getting eaten by whatever had scared her.
This is what is left of the gate she went through.

Now, you'd think after something like this she
would be terribly torn up and injured, but no.
Just a little scrape on her foot.
No good pic of her foot scrape, but here she
is looking pretty calm and composed.

Jenny has a lot of dumb luck that is for sure.

After the gate was destroyed the hubby put up a board

as a terporary deterent until he could get the gates welded,

but she broke that too.

Here is Casper.

He likes to walk up that ramp and paw on the door.


Aunt Krissy said...

Silly horse. I wonder what spooked her? I have seen those gates. I don't see how she can bend them and not hurt herself.

tainterturtles said...

What a goofy horse. I can't believe she had such strength.

Anonymous said...

wow.. what a strong animal!

Anonymous said...

She is strong but STUPID.In a lot of different ways!But beautiful.