Monday, January 25, 2010

New addition

Chyann got a kitten for her Birthday.
Like we needed another cat.
Only have three out at the barn - all males,
and trip, our three footed house cat.

One of her friends has an over abundance of barn cats
and needed to find some homes.
And you know Chyann's daddy, he is an ol' softy, said
yes after I said no.

So, meet Willow.

I call her Whining Willow.
She meows all the time!

Hard to get a good pic of her as she is always moving.
This is Trip checking her out, not sure what to make
of that noisy creature.

I must say she does have pretty green eyes tho.
I wonder if they will stay that way.

Willow loves to play with Trip.
Poor Trip with only three feet is at a disadvantage,
all he can do is head-butt her unless he is laying
down. Then watch out because he is gonna
get her then!

Willow likes to hog the food too.

And now I know what Krissy speaks of when she says
her cats tear up the house at night while she tries to sleep!

Our cats do the same thing.
Hard to believe they can make sooo much noise!


Aunt Krissy said...

So tiny and so cute. Yes, Cal has "sucker" stamped on his forhead!

tainterturtles said...

What a cute little black kitty. I love the last picture. I'm sure it won't be long before your other cats will know how to deal with a hogger!

Have a good week Kellie.

Andrea said...

I love the name Willow!! And she looks like she could be a bit mischievous!! I love that last picture of her in the food dishes! Happy birthday to Chyann!!

crochet lady said...

What parents will do for their kids. I remember crying big tears over wanting a dog when I was a girl even though I knew my dad was against having pets. I ending getting one for my birthday.

Willow looks like a pretty kitty. Hope the cats all get along good.

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