Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ice Skating

What yucky weather we are having today.
It rained all day yesterday and now it's snowing.
The old snow is nice and rotten with a layer of ice on top
and now new snow. Going to be treacherous later this week
if the temps fall below zero as expected.

Chyann turned the big 12 years old last week.

She had a bunch of friends spend the night and the
next day we went skating at the local rink.

When we got there only one other kid was skating, he looked
to be about five years old and boy could he skate.
Anyway, I helped all the kids lace up their skates and
was the last one out of the warm-up shack.

Took me a few minutes to remember how to skate since
we don't skate much. Actually last winter was the first time
I'd had on skates in about 20years. No kidding.

So, I'm getting the hang of it, skating backwards when that kid,
the little guy who was there when we arrived, skates up
in front of me. I say Hi, do you go to school here, and blah,
blah, blah and the kid says I'm gonna get you.
Next thing I know I'm on my back on the ice with the wind
knocked out of me. As I lay there stunned all the kids gather
around and say that kid did the same thing to them as
soon as they got out on the ice too.

As I finally get back up on my skates that kid's mother
gets out of her car and yells to her kid to apologise to me.
He doesn't and soon thereafter they leave.

Can you imagine that?
Someone could have really been hurt.
As it was I sustained the worst injuries of us all.
A horribly bruised tail bone.
And OMG did it hurt for days!

Chyann and one of her buddies.
Yes all of her friends are the same age, they are
all just giants compared to her.

I think Caden might become a whiz on skates.
This was only the third time he had done it
and WOW he was great!

He has put in a request to get some hockey skates tho.
Says it's not cool to wear the white ones.


Aunt Krissy said...

You forget how small Chyann is untill use see her next to the other kids. Maybe Caden will be a big hockey star!

Anonymous said...

I finally got a pair of hockey skates last year (at a thrift store) but havent tried them out yet. Dont know how I'll do without toe picks to stop me. I agree that the white ones aren't "cool". Does Colfax have a hockey team?

Kellie said...

No school hockey teams in WI. There are a few teams associated w/the ymca and boys/girls club I think tho.

tainterturtles said...

That really upsets me about the little kid that knocked you over. That is really awful. I sure hope the fall doesn't cause you pain over the next few weeks because that would be a bummer.

Happy Birthday to Chyann!

crochet lady said...

What a little bugger, you should have pushed him back, but I suppose that is not the adult thing to do....

Happy Birthday Chyann!
That's nice that the kids had fun skating. I tried skating when I was about Chyann's age and I spent most of my time on my rump. I haven't been skating since.

Anonymous said...

I know I an not a perfect skater but that little snot kid that was knocking every one down did not help.Doesn't Casper look cute on the Jan 9 blog?I think he does!Thanks for the happy birthdays!

-Casper Lover