Sunday, October 25, 2009

Man, that was heavy...

We got about 2-3 inches of snow on Friday.
It was the really heavy wet stuff.
So, heavy that my trees got all
bent over and some broke.

This is the choke cherry along the driveway.

A poor little maple. It had a branch broke off.

These are the lilac trees by the barn and
cow pen. We ended up having to cut down
three branches that fell and fix the fence.
The cows ate all the leaves off the ones that fell.

Chyann had to coax the mini's into the barn
as they didn't want to navigate the
sloppy, muddy mess in front of the barn door.

We had a power outage that lasted about 13 hours.
Cal fired up the B-B-Q and cooked some hot dogs for dinner
and we played card games till 8pm then went to bed.
It didn't take long for the snow to melt yesterday
since it got up to about 50*.
Hopefully, that will be our winter teaser till December.


PAK ART said...

this is amazing to me! We still haven't had ANY snow at all on the ground. The mountains just got dusted again, but not down here at sea level. I like your Chyann - she really cares about her horses doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

wow.. we havent had snow in Kenai either. I did hear last night that Turnagain Pass was getting snow, but the web cams arent functioning today, so cant confirm that. We are still way above normal in temps. This may be another winter that I was cars outside until February!.

Lisa said...

No snow here yet! Phew. It was so warm here today. It was like a hurricane till 8am. Then at 8:05a.m. It was beautiful. I couldn't believe it. Sun, sun and more sun. It was 15 degrees celcius. The goats were happy campers. They were allowed outside in the fallen leaves.

tainterturtles said...

Driving in the wet snow was awful. I saw some trees in our area that just fell over because of the weight of the snow.

Our lights flickered Friday night, but we never lost power.

Aunt Krissy said...

See, that proves that you don't need the TV. That heavy wet snow was a pain, but it sure did look pretty.

crochet lady said...

I am soooooo glad it all melted!

What's Cool in AK said...

How beautiful! I love the photo of your daughter bringing the horses in.
Our snow's only just starting to stick here in the mountains outside of Eagle River. I'm just wondering if we'll have our usual 8 inches of snow by Halloween...