Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy, busy...

I got a haircut on Thursday night while Caden was
at his last football practice.
About 2" off the back and WAY too short
bangs. I look like a dork (good thing it grows fast)...
That's what I get for running my mouth and
not paying attention to what the gal was doing.
I suppose you get what you pay for and since
my cut was only 11 bucks, I did.
I'm cheap like that.

Friday was the big Homecoming football game.

Chyann and a bunch of her buddies got together
after school to paint their faces, spray hair
and dress up in cute Viking clothes.
All to cheer on the home team, you know. Didn't
have anything to do with the boys that would be at the
game or so I'm told...

Caden had to have his hair done too.

Colton was there too.
The band played at the beginning of the game
and during timeout's.
But the big draw was the half time show.
With the combined talents of the band and
dance team they did a great production of
Michael Jackson's Thriller, complete with
zombies and Ol' Michael coming out of a coffin.
Plus a Batman, Dark Knight song, and
a Harry Potter tune.
I got it all on video, but can't quite figure
out how to put it on here.

It was freezing that night, but the stands were full.
Too bad our team lost.

Next day, Saturday,
Caden had a football game.
He wanted to do his hair red again, so
we did. His team did well, but
no touchdowns for Caden.

After the game we took three of his buddies home
for two hours to play until
the bowling alley opened at noon,
then we went bowling.
One of the kids was difficult, bouncing
off the walls and in general causing mayhem
the whole time!

Both Cal and Krissy took a turn bowling
in their socks and threw some good balls.

The party included bowling for an hour and a half,
2 pizzas, soda pop, treat bags and
a real bowling pin for the birthday kid.

I must say and this is probably TMI, but
I am a very regular gal in the bathroom.
With the new work hours and sitting on my bum
ALL day long my very efficient system has been
thrown completely off,
until I had some pizza at the
bowling alley..... Enough said...

Had to come home and take a three hour nap.

Today probably wont be any less busy.
I've got lots of housework to catch up on
and my Hubby wants to load the basement
up with wood...


PAK ART said...

So you and Krissy have more in common than just PenAir? I'm talking about the bathroom issues.

I also get cheap haircuts...sometimes you luck out and they are pretty good, sometimes you don't. Ask Kris about her free "Heidi" haircut. That one was provided by me! Before I learned to groom dogs.

crochet lady said...

There's one good thing about a bad hair cut is that it will grow out.

Sorry you couldn't open the smilebox.

Aunt Krissy said...

I didn't think that your bangs were that short! I'm glad that it all came out in the end.

tainterturtles said...

I've learned not to talk too much during the hair cutting process. Talkie, talkie means lots of cutting by the stylist! Your bangs will grow out fast.

Wow, your family sounds really busy. I got tired just reading your post.

Have a good work week.