Monday, September 14, 2009

Salsa day

Today was another beautiful day.

I spent the day making salsa.
We have 4 quarts of Cal's hot shit habanero,
5 quarts of mildly hot stuff,
and 4 quarts of medium.

Every year Cal requests hotter salsa than
what I've made. So, this year in his hot
stuff I put 3 habanero with seeds,
4 poblano peppers in place of
regular green peppers,
8 jalapenos with seeds,
6 banana peppers with seeds,
and 6 salsa peppers with seeds.
Plus all the rest of your usual salsa ingredients.

AND he says it's good,
but still not hot enough!

What in the world?
I tried it and promptly spit it out!
Only to have my tongue burn for about
a half hour.

I just don't get it.
How can you enjoy the flavors of salsa
when you can't taste it because it's
so hot and your lips are
burning off?

Next time I'm going to triple
the habanero's.
See how he likes that..


Lisa said...

Holy Shoot!! We used to make salsa. We'd fire off about 130 quarts a year and we'd run out by March. We'd make half super hot. Or so we thought. My husband just read your post and he's wondering what's the point of salsa that hot! Like you said, how can you taste it if your lips have burnt off?
We'd put one habanero and that was more than enough.

Aunt Krissy said...

That just can't be! I am worried about him now. Maybe his taste buds are all messed up?

PAK ART said...

Kris beat me to it. I bet he doesn't taste things as well as he used to. My husband uses more and more salt than he ever has before and turns out he can't smell things as well either. His sense of smell and taste have gotten worse.

crochet lady said...

I think you'd have to call the fire dept. for me if I sampled some of the good stuff.

Is that your blue hydrangea? I have a bush like that but mine didn't bloom this year for some reason, bummer.

Beth said...

Sorry to say I'm like Cal. I like the HOT stuff. The hotter the better. I know it's not for everyone. My husband, Jeff, included. He thinks I'm weird.

tainterturtles said...

I think Cal has just graduated to "off the charts" heat! They do say the more HOT you eat, the more and more you can tolerate. Good for Cal, but not good for Kellie. Tell Cal he has to compromise ok.

Anonymous said...

I think Cal has also lost his sense of taste. must be all the s**t he has in his mouth all the time! :-)

We made green tomato salsa at work yesterday with most of the ingredients from the garden and greenhouse and everyone seemed to like it.