Monday, September 28, 2009

Feels like Autumn

All of the sudden it feels like fall.

We've had such nice warm, bordering on hot
weather this September and it looks like
that is over.

The trees are really beginning to get some color.

The farmers are getting busy with their harvest.
Can't wait till this soy bean field gets done,
as we like to ride horses there during hunting season.
And the wind is back!
Yesterday was very gusty and I could definitely
feel a little bite in the air.

This birds nest fell from the Elm tree.
Caden wants to take it for show and tell this week.

The turkeys are getting big.
My hubby says the one on the right is Thanksgiving
and the other is Christmas dinner.
We'll see...

So, on Saturday Caden had his second football game.
Before the game they did the punt, pass and kick
competition. Apparently he did really well on the pass,
but not so great with the punt and kick.
And he made his team's only touchdown!!
He was so thrilled!

I made another 19 quarts of salsa on Saturday too.
Tried a few different recipes just for variety, but
like my old standby recipe best.

While I was out gathering my tomato's,
Chyann picked about 30 tomato's from her
little garden and decided to try and sell hers.
She made up a nice sign and put it up at the top
of the drive way.
Had her little table set up and waited.
And waited and waited and waited.

She fell asleep waiting for a customer.
Unfortunately no one came.
Boy was she bummed.
Her daddy tried to buy them from her, but
she wouldn't let him.
She put up her sign again yesterday, but the wind
kept blowing it down, so she quit for the day.

We might get a good freeze on Tuesday night.
I'm not ready for my garden to be done yet.
Oh, well. There is always next year.

Also, the cows came home on Friday night.
All three ladies are pregnant.
Molly (the calf) is getting big.


crochet lady said...

I think we are on the same wave length today, with the fall.
Yay! A touchdown, bet he was thrilled!
That was great of Chyann to give it a try. She looks pretty comfy in her chair there with her feet up.

tainterturtles said...

I remember when Becca & Chris had a vegetable/flower stand when they were younger. Poor Chyann, sorry she didn't have any customers.

It sure felt like fall today.

Aunt Krissy said...

I so would have bought something.
Bummed that I missed the touch down.

So next year you will have what? 20 cows? or so?

PAK ART said...

I want Chyann's tomatos. I remember when my kids used to do kool-aid stands and hardly anyone would stop by. One time a man in a truck came to a screeching halt, jumped out and said "I need a cup of kool-aid right now" He handed the kids a $5 and then went off. It was the best sale they ever had.