Friday, September 18, 2009

North Dakota bound

We received a phone call from Cal's mother informing us that
his 99 year old grandmother, Mildred had passed away.

Mildred had lived alone until this last spring when she fell and
broke her wrist. With the broken wrist she was unable to use
her walker to get around and had to go into the nursing home
until it healed enough for her to use the walker without aid.

Unfortunately, she had another fall last week that broke her
pelvis and back.

Mildred was a unique gal. Her folks immigrated from Germany
and settled in North Dakota to farm the land and raised 13 kids.
She was the last of her siblings.

She met and married Cal's Grandfather Dan.
They were farmers and raised four kids.

Since we've been living on our own little farm, Cal talks about
how his Grandma would do canning, had a whole basement full of
taters, even how she peeled taters so that they had almost
transparent skins (less waste), how she froze chickens and got
that number 5 wash tub out for him to bathe in, the huge Sunday
dinners after church. She never had a drivers license and
boasted that she'd never driven a vehicle before that wasn't
hitched to a horse.

Mildred will be missed by all that knew her.

She lived 99 years. Can you imagine the things she saw in her life time?

The funeral is on Tuesday in northern North Dakota, about a nine
hour drive from here. I'm not sure when we are leaving, but wont
be gone long I'm sure.


tainterturtles said...

Grandma Mildred sounded like a neat lady. I hope I live to be 99 years old.

Have a good road trip to North Dakota...I love that state. Who said it's all flat anway??? Ha

crochet lady said...

Ninety nine years is a long time, sounds like she was a great lady and had a full life.

Hope you trip goes well and time with family to remember her is nice.