Friday, September 11, 2009

Hay day

It's time to do hay.

In the past we'd get about 500 small bales, but they are
such a pain to load into the barn, not
to mention a lot of work, so we switched to big bales.

We go through approximately 15 big bales that
weigh between 850lbs and 1000lbs each
every year. Not too bad considering we have five
horses and four cows now.

While Cal and Colton were getting the bales
I got some pictures of Jenny out mowing the yard.

Doesn't she look pretty walking through the willow branches.

You'd never guess that she use to be pretty spooky
the way she is letting the branches rub and
touch her all over.

Caden riding his bike,


Evel Knievel,

He says, don't worry I'm tough.

Meanwhile, Chyann is goofing with Casper.
That guy is more like a big dog than a horse.

Yes, this is our haying operation.

Big green truck we got in AK
(it is BP green)
loaded with hay.
Note the ramps the truck is backed up on
to even up the bed of the truck with the door.
The pleasures of living on a hill.

They then wrap a chain around the bottom bale,
run the chain through the barn and hook it up to the tractor.
Then using the tractor, pull the bales off the truck into
the barn.

And presto!
Big bales in the barn without a lot of work.

As you can see we've only begun putting the bales in.


crochet lady said...

Love those photos of your horse in the willows!
Makes me miss the haying days.

tainterturtles said...

Your horse looks so pretty.

Wow, the haying process looks like a lot of work. Thank heavens for the green truck.

You are all hard workers at your house.

Aunt Krissy said...

The green beast saves the day!
Caden will probably be jumping cars with a bike when he gets older.

Chayne sure is a horse whisper type.

PAK ART said...

Your farm life looks like fun! I want to come live with you, okay? I just don't pick weeds when bugs are around.