Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday AM coffee

Good Morning!
Dang it's cold out today. 
Our thermometer says -15* ~ burrrrr
The expected high temp is about zero with wind chills down to -25.
This cold spell isn't supposed to last long though, maybe till Wednesday. 

Wednesday though is going to be a big day here.
Our darling Chyann will turn 18 years old.
She says she doesn't want to do anything - no friends over or anything, but I can't hardly believe that.
I'm not sure what all we will do, but we will do something.
Picture of her taken a few weeks ago when she went bird counting down on the Mississippi River with the boyfriend and his family. 

Nothing will scare you more than getting ready for bed and opening the wash rag drawer and having this ball of fur jump out at you!
Not to mention, gross. Now I've got a whole drawer of cat hair rags to wash.

 Wrestling season has begun again and Caden is off to an excellent start!

Friday after school we traveled to a near by town for a tournament. 
One of the perks of being in middle school this year is riding the bus to meets with the team. He said it was nothing but laughs the whole way there.
Sure would be nice if our boys had matching outfits like some of the other schools that were there had. 
The boys warmed up and then had to cool their heals for another hour since they were having computer issues and weren't able to create the brackets. Seemed like it might have been easier to get out some paper and pencils and make them, but nope this is the computer age and no one can make a bracket without a computer apparently. 
A lot of the boys there screwed around during the delay wasting their energy. Which likely impacted some of the kids' performance.

Caden had three matches. 

The first was quickly won.

The second one was a hard fought win in OT.
OMG it was a nail biter! My heart was about thundering out of my chest the whole time. 
In the end though he won 11 to 7!
It was freaking intense! 
I think once you get into OT it's a matter of endurance. Which boy has more in the end will determine the winner.

 This last match was pretty tough too, but Caden won by pin!

Caden is a bit beat up. He has a black eye, a few new bruises and sore all over, but feeling great about his accomplishments.

An amazing day for our Middle School wrestlers to be sure. I didn't hear the official word when we left, but I feel confident in saying that our school collectively took first or second at the least. 

Happy Sunday folks ~ Stay warm :)


Anonymous said...

Kellie, am so proud of Chyann and Caden. And Colton too. But how did that cat get in that drawer and shut it? Bet it did scare the poo out of you.

tainterturtles said...

Kellie, it was damn cold yesterday and I NEVER went out of the house!!! Felt super lazy that's for sure.

OMG, Chyann is turning 18 on! I'm so proud of her. I'm also impressed that she went birding and bird counting on the Mississippi River. What? A boyfriend???? We need to talk, hee, hee!

I'm glad Colton is enjoying wrestling, but hope he doesn't get too beat up.

Love your naughty kitty....

tainterturtles said...

Oops, meant Caden is enjoying wrestling!!!

Nicole said...

ha! that cat! Happy Birthday to Chyann too!