Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday AM coffee

My computer finally died so this is from my lovely kindle.
I think I'll be ok with all my pictures/files from the old computer as I did have everything backed up on an external hard drive. Don't think it captured all the favorites I had bookmarked on my internet browser though. Oh well.  

In the last seven days our boy has been to three different wrestling tournaments. 
He has totally rocked all of them!
My absolute favorite was the one in Arcadia.
It was an eight man bracket and he took first place pinning all of his opponents within the first minute! 

Yes he has taken first before, but these folks put on a huge show for the medal presentation. Not to mention all the people from Colfax totally brought the house down cheering for Caden when they announced his name and continued for several minutes after he was up on the podium! Seriously was a wonderful moment for him and us.
Super proud of him.

We are over our cold spell and have temps back up in the 20's which feels quite mild. Much better weather than that below zero crap.

The second semester of school has begun.
Seriously the second semester, this school year is half over. 
And January is almost done. Crimaney May will be here soon. First time I've ever been so anxious for May to arrive. I don't remember being such a nervy wreck about Colton graduating, why for Chyann I'm not sure. 

Anywho. All else is well here. 
Take it easy :)

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Nicole said...

Don't say that May will be here before we know it... I'm dreading between now and then... I have 2 sets of comps to take AND pass... so I can graduate the 7th of May.....