Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

June 21st. 
The summer solstice. 
The days start getting shorter again.

My flowers are in bloom and looking lovely.
The cherry tree is loaded and a few cherries are starting to ripen. My big plan is to make cherry wine.With any luck it'll turn out better than my last attempt at wine.

The kids found two mama cats and twelve kittens in the old pig hut and moved them into the barn last week. I attempted to get some pictures of them yesterday, but ol Dodger had to come around being nosy and scared them into hiding in the bales of hay. 

It's been baseball-arama around here. 

Scheduled for five games this week, but one of them was cancelled yesterday morning due to rain.

A few highlights of the games:

Caden sliding into second!

The Hubby does the "book" at games now for both teams so he hangs out in the dugout with the kids.
1 win and 1 loss for the school team.

1 win and 1 loss for the tournament team.

I still can't quite get my camera figured out for shooting through the damn fence.
In this case I was right up on the fence at a bit of an angle and zoomed in to see Caden.
From my perspective through the lens this picture was crystal clear - like the above ones, but after downloading them I can see where the fence is. Drat! 
Anyhow, Caden up to bat and hits a double!

Coming into home!
Not a great picture obviously with the damn fence in evidence, but still pretty cool with both feet off the ground giving the impression of him just flying!

The boys rotate through the field during the game and play multiple positions.
Caden in center field where he got a lot of action.

Not a lot else going on here. 
The big kids work everyday so we don't see a lot of them.

Sounds like we'll be having some of the Hubby's family coming for a visit next weekend. Which should be fun. Not sure what all, if anything we'll do while they are here. 
Course that means I've got a to-do list as long as my arm for the Hubby to get cracking on.


It's Father's Day!
Happy Father's day to my Dad! xoxo

Have a good one :)


Nikker said...

More great pictures!
Yikes, 12 kittens...and two mommas!
Sounds like you're going to be busy! Maybe you could send a kitten or two home with the in-laws! LOL!!

Nicole said...

Okay, you made me want to cry with the thought days will be getting shorter :(