Sunday, June 28, 2015

Family visit and other such fun

We had a wonderful visit with my sister in law and her husband this weekend.
I suppose it's been since May of 2010 since we've seen them.
Everyone gets busy doing their thing, living life and before you know it five years have past.
I'm very glad they decided to visit.
We had a lot of fun staying up late visiting.
 Talking about old times and hearing about new family adventures 

The kids and their Aunt.

Course there just happened to be an air/car/motorcycle show in a nearby town that we went to.
Colton listening to his Uncle and Dad talk about old muscle cars.

It took the guys forever to get through the cars.
It was an absolutely beautiful day. About 80* and manageable humidity.

Caden had to try out this crazy bouncy thing.

He had a blast doing front and back flips!
I confess I had a hankering to try it out myself, but didn't do it.

I had a birthday last week as well. 
The big 44.
Chyann and I rode horses and had a fantastic time. 
The ol nags were very well behaved and didn't give us a speck of trouble, they did attempt to snag a bite of corn when the opportunity presented itself. The corn around here is doing quite well; it will indeed be knee high by the 4th of July this year.

My Mother and Gerry were talking the other day and decided they really wanted to see Caden play baseball. So the countdown is on and they will be here in a mere 11 days for a three day tournament!
Caden is stoked! The big kids too of course, but they are hiding it better than he is lol

Stay cool :)


Nikker said...

Looks like a great family visit! Love those in the summer!!

Nicole said...

I'll bet Caden is stoked that his grandparents will be there! Okay so maybe it's been 11 days and they are there... I don't know, my brain hurts right now from doing other things to do math.

Happy late birthday!

And that bouncy thing looks like fun.

Where do your sister and law and husband live? long ways away or fairly close by?