Friday, April 24, 2015


Happy Friday!
It's the beginning of a busy three day weekend for me.

We've been having the typical warm/cold/warm/cold temperature fluctuation of spring here. 
Beautiful and warm for a few days then cold and wet - rain or snow showers.
The only constant has been the damn wind. 
It howls daily.

Between the good weather days we've managed to get a lot of our spring chores done around here.
I got the barns cleaned and the manure tilled into the gardens.

The Hubby found a live bird in the wood furnace when he cleaned the chimney.
I'm told it is a starling. It must not have been in the furnace long as it was pretty plump yet and flew right off when he released it. 

Raking the yard and cleaning up thousands of broken willow branches has been completed. 
Love that willow tree, but man does it make a mess.  

The maples are growing and will soon be showing their "helicopters".

The bird feeders are all full and I hear birds scraping around the feeder during the day while I work.

Chyann has been riding Jenny again.
Hard to imagine, but Jenny will be 10 years old in May.

My boy Scotch is still awaiting a visit from the tooth doc. Apparently a ton of horses this spring are having issues and the guy is booked solid for another few weeks yet. 
However I wormed the shit out of him and started giving him soaked senior food and he has really come around. You can't really tell from this picture, but he is looking good. So maybe it wasn't a tooth issue? No idea. I still plan to have the tooth guy out to have a look at him since Scotch does have an unusual lump in his upper jaw area.

Baseball season has begun!
Playing for two teams means games on Saturdays, practice on Sun, Tues, Thurs and every other Wed until school gets out.
Tomorrow is the first game for the Wildcat team he plays for.
A double header.
Can't wait!

Colton will be home in 7 days!

The kids finished their studies in Verona and have been on free travel for the last week or so.
Spending their time in traveling in Italy to Como and Bologna.
Today they begin their travel North to Frankfurt.
Not sure why he has a hotel swipe key in his mouth, but he looks good lol
In need of a hair cut I'm thinking tho.

Next week we are expecting our order of 50 trees to be delivered.
Yes, 50 trees!
40 red pine and 10 red maples.
Should be fun getting those babies planted.
I hope to have them in the ground before Colton gets home, otherwise we'll be putting that boy right to work.

Have a good one!

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Nikker said...

Love your trees! Your place is so beautiful in the spring! Can't imagine planting 50 trees, that's a whole lot of work... (0:
So glad that the soaked feed is putting Scotches weight back on until he sees the vet.

Hurray for baseball season!!!!

Glad you're getting your oldest son home soon.