Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday AM coffee

It's April!

We've had some pretty nice weather this past week. Even made it up to the mid 70's one day. Of course the wind has been freaking howling every day so it surely hasn't felt all that warm, but I'll take it with no complaints. The Asian beetles have awoken and are everywhere too. 
Aaah spring.

I'm mostly over my cold and appear to have given it to everyone else in the house. 
Just had to share that misery apparently.

 The horses are liking the warm weather too and are really starting to shed out. 
Can you see that lump on Scotch's upper jaw?
I think he has another tooth that needs to be pulled or floated. I'll be calling the vet on Monday.
When I watch him eat, it doesn't seem to bother him and yet he seems thin all the sudden - too much hip bone showing and he's usually plump enough that you can't even see bones on him. 
Course he is getting up there in years, about 25+ish I'd say.
So we'll see what the vet has to say.

Caden washing some rugs for me.

Colton in Salzburg Austria.
Found out that my folks visited Salzburg when they were first married too.
Pretty neat to think he was in the same place they were only years apart.

He is in Paris now and will be there for another week before traveling to Italy.
27 more days till he is home.



Lisa said...

Lucky! you have spring. What's that?

Nikker said...

So glad you're getting spring weather!
They can really drop weight fast! Gaining it back seems slower. Hope it goes well with the vet!
Fantastic picture of Colton, and a great story to boot!!

Ami said...

I hope your horse is doing okay, and that your son remains safe traveling. You haven't posted in awhile...

Ami said...

Blogger ate my comment.

I hope your horse is doing okay. And that your son is staying safe in his travels.

You haven't blogged in awhile...

Nicole said...

Gotta love spring with the up and down temps! I bet you're ready for Colton to be home but how cool he got to go the same place as your parents! I want to go to Europe! He'll definitely be glad he did this while he doesn't have anything holding him back!