Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday AM coffee

Good Morning.
It's been a while since I've blogged it seems. 

Lots of crap going on around here, but we'll start with the weather report:
It warmed up nicely and all our snow melted.
Got a taste of warm weather in the 50's before it cooled down again.
Last week we got about three inches of snow.
It has since melted, but the temps haven't been too spectacular.
Today we might make 40*, which will be alright since the wind is not howling.

Check out this frozen sap from a broken branch on the Maple tree out front.
Pretty cool, eh?

Wrestling is over - I think.
The Regional competition in River Falls was last Saturday.
Course we had to go by Colton's old dorm.
Felt weird to be in RF and him not be there.

The school we were at had 10 different matches going at the same time. 
Caden and one of his coaches on deck waiting for the current match to get over.

Caden signing in with the refs.
Unfortunately he didn't win any of his matches, but he sure gave those other boys a run for their money.

Being new to wrestling we had no idea what kids/parents/coaches would do to gain an advantage during regionals to advance to the state level.
For example the boy Caden wrestled above dropped over 10 pounds to wrestle in Cadens' weight range. Isn't that outrageous? Not to mention all of the boys Caden wrestled, in addition to their regular school wrestling program also attend a wrestling academy in the cities to enhance their skills. 
I looked into the academy just to see what it was all about and holy shit folks I was sure surprised.
The cheapest tuition was 2 grand for six months and the prices went up from there.
Yikes right?
Considering all that and this being Caden's first year in wresting the fact that he damn near won his matches says what a good wrestler he really is.

Anyhow, after the regional competition I thought we were done for the season, but I was wrong.
Tuesday we went up to Rice Lake for another school tourney.
Which totally gave Caden a HUGE confidence boost because he handily won all his matches!
YAY Caden!

Now thankfully we have two whole weeks of down time before baseball season starts IF weather permitting, the ball fields are dry.

In other news:

With the little bit of warm up we had at the beginning of March allergy season started for me and then last week morphed into a cold from which I now have a sinus infection. I'm about tired of feeling like shit already. I need some hot weather to help cook this ailment out (in addition to some antibiotics of course).

Casper is doing well at his new home, which I'm very thankful for. I sure miss seeing him everyday though.

Our traveling eldest son is done in Germany and has now traveled to Salzburg in Austria. 
He'll be there for a few days before moving on to Paris France.
A smidge more than a month until he comes home.

That's all I've got for now.
Have a good one :)


Nikker said...

A kid that age dropping 10 lbs.? That can't be good for him, he's just a kid!
Good gravy, 2k?! WOW! Guess they are Olympic hopefuls? (0:
Your broken branch picture is cool (pun intended)!
Glad the little fella's doing well in his new home!

Nicole said...

Goodness that is a crazy frozen... sap cicle :).