Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

Good Morning!

I think we may actually have a spring this year. 
40* yesterday that felt incredibly warm (when you were out of the wind of course). 
A weather forecast that includes 50's. 
We don't have a lot of snow so it will be gone fast with temps like that. 
I've no doubt that we will yet see some flurries or even some accumulating snow, but that's alright it's all downhill from here. 

Basketball season is finally done.
The boys had a great year.

Wrestling has really heated up!
We had a tourney at our school last week and Caden totally rocked it!
Winning his matches by stacking and a cradle.

I keep getting an error when I try to upload a video. I'm not sure what's up with that.
So a picture will have to do. It's a bit difficult to try running the camera with one hand and the video camera with the other, all the while shouting let me tell you.

Colton is now in Berlin.
He says it's an amazing place and is really enjoying learning about the history and government.
This is the first country they've been to where there has been a language barrier, but they are managing. His backpack was so full and heavy with items he has collected that he had to mail a box home. 

A lady came out yesterday and looked at Casper.
She rides dressage and has several horses, but is looking for a mini that her kids can learn with. She has three under the age of five. She was quite interested and says she'll let us know today. Guess we'll see what happens. 

No idea how Chyann did on the ACT, but whatever the score she already has another test scheduled for April. Apparently taking the test multiple times is the norm. How that can be at 50 bucks a pop is beyond me, but whatever. Fingers crossed for a good score the first go around. 

Have a good one :)


Nicole said...

Yeah it sucks you have to pay to take the test. The good thing though is universities only look at the highest score so that's at least a bonus!

Nikker said...

I hope spring has finally sprung at you place!

Fingers crossed that good things come from the lady who is looking at Casper, sounds like a great home for him!