Friday, April 27, 2012


What a week! Soo glad it's done.

Thursday when I was working the dogs were outside barking their fool heads off!
 Was really irritating me. I was on one call after another for about an hour and was afraid when I had to speak that the dogs would be heard - that's how loud and continuous they were.

Soon as I got off the phone I went out to see what the hell was going on.

They were over by the barn barking frantically at Scotch who was thrashing on the ground. Obviously in great distress with colic.
A horse owners worst nightmare.

Long story short, I got him up.

 Got Colton moving, he was home trying to enjoy a day off by sleeping in and had him stay with Scotch while I got the vet on the phone.

The vet was here within an hour and began treatment.
Since Scotch was thrashing so much he got a sedative first. The sedative went into the artery instead of the vein and straight to the brain causing immediate convulsion like acrobatics. Which was the worst thing I've ever seen in my whole entire life. Within about a minute or so he was over it and starting to calm down. Then came the bute and all the rest.

Poor guy.
 Thankfully he responded to treatment and is about back to his old self.

The vet said in his 30 years he's only seen that reaction three times. Scotch just thrashed at the wrong moment and shit went sideways - literally.

Still trying to figure out what caused him to colic. No change in feed. Wormed him last week. Got rode hard on Monday? vet didn't think so. No grain what so ever. No new weeds to eat that might have been poisonous.
No idea at all. Chalk it up to another equine mystery I guess.

Caden thinks this is his new perch. His big idea is to build a tree house on top of the stump.
Yeah, I don't think so toots.

Went on a walking field trip through town with his third grade class today and just had the best time. Even stopped by the library and saw my lovely librarian friends. Wish I'd have thought to get out my camera and take their pictures.

The ever gorgeous crab apple tree is blooming.

Love this color.

In other news:
Colton's car broke down. Something with leaf springs, trailing arms and other stuff needed to get down the road. Hope the Hubby can get him fixed up.

I asked Colton the other day how he was liking the new job and he says "It's ok. Like hucking wood all day." Which I might add, is one of his MOST UNFAVORITE things to do. He says it's a job and pays good so wont complain too much. I'm thinking this could be a good learning experience - GO TO COLLEGE AND GET A GOOD JOB THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE MANUAL LABOR.
He has registered for school this fall so we shall see what happens next.

Happy Birthday to my one of a kind favorite brother Jeff tomorrow!
Love you much!

Toodles :)

ps it was because of those pesky dogs barking and driving me nuts that got me outside so i could get Scotch the help he needed. good babies got pork chop bones that night.


tainterturtles said...

Holy cow, you were busy Kellie. I've never heard of a horse getting colic! Poor Scotch.

It was nice to see the 3rd grade class today at the library. I was impressed with Caden's class.

Just so you know, I'm on my second Gin & Tonic tonight. After today's ordeal with the hostile library patron, I'm treating myself tonight!

Mikey said...

Dang, what a week! I'm glad Scotch is ok. Having recently dealt with a horse flopping all over, I know what you mean. That's so scary to watch and be able to do nothing for them until it's over. I swear I thought I'd have a heart attack, and I bet you did too. So glad everything will be ok. Good dogs too :)

Ami said...

That is really scary! I'm glad it had a good outcome.

What do you have against treehouses?


Aunt Krissy said...

Kellie, that must have been scary. Good things the dogs are good little yappers! It was nice to see you at the library.