Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's day

I love that it is April already!

The days are getting longer.

Beautiful leaves and flowers are everywhere.

Caden signed up for Baseball and practice starts in a few weeks.
 He is very excited and spends an enormous amount of time outside with his bat, balls and mitt. He gets a bit frustrated when he doesn't hit the ball the first time/every time and we have to remind him that practice will increase his skills and confidence, not to worry about it so much, it's just a game.

Colton has taken on a second job working at a local hardware store full time. He is in the money making mode and is even thinking about going out to ND this summer to work. I hope he does. Also, his ankle has healed up very well. Only occasionally will he have some achy-ness in the joint when he has tweaked it or been up on it for more than 12 hours. All things considered, pretty great.

Chyann has been riding quite a bit with one of her friends from school. They go out on their own for hours at a time. It worries me, but I know they are both very competent riders. I do go with them occasionally, but not as often as I'd like.

Work for me has been a drag. I like the $$ and working from home, but that is about it. ugh.

I don't do a lot on the whole facebook thing. Mostly just monitor what my two eldest kids are up to. I've reconnected with some old "friends" from school and one recently posted a shit load of school pictures and newsletters that I got the biggest kick out of. Typical kid, when I  lived in Cold Bay I couldn't wait to get out and never appreciated what a unique place to grow up that it was. Course looking back, I can see that living there helped shape me into the person that I am now and wish I could go back one day.

Happy Spring :)

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Aunt Krissy said...

Caden didn't want to do football this year? Also, I went to the CDB link, looked at the library stuff, they are looking for a person, for now pay, almost thought that your dream job might be found in CDB!