Wednesday, April 25, 2012

not so Wordless Wednesday

Monday morning I looked out my office window and got the best surprise!

Saw this little black spot out in the front pasture and at first thought it was the neighbors black lab, but upon closer inspection realized Lily had given birth!

We didn't think she'd be having this little gal for another few weeks. She was hardly bagged up at all and was not noticeably springing. No new name for this little cutie yet. Some ideas are Cookie and Beauty.

Marble will probably be having her calf soon too.

Chyann and I had the best ride too!

We went all the way on that back ridge where they logged trees last winter.
I'm not sure how far it was in miles, but turned out to be about a 2 and a half hour ride. Some parts of the trail was very densely wooded, in which I worried about black bears. Other parts were open fields or fields that had just been plowed up for planting. We crossed two streams and one had a wooden bridge. Up almost vertical hills and down long winding ones.


Little ol' Shasta Breeze came with us the whole way too!

Happy Hump Day :)



Linda said...

Awww-nothing better than springtime w/new babies!! Tell Chy to look up Royal Vista Equine & Vista Equine - Tay was there yesterday with her Equine Science Class--said lots of babies and she wanted them all! Sounds like wonderful ride you had!!

lyndylou said...

Great pics and it sounds like you had great fun on the horses :)