Friday, April 20, 2012

Old friends, Bugs, and more

Yes, it's true, we had some snow fly earlier this week.
It came down in sheets of heavy wet flakes, almost looked like a mini-blizzard at one point
and was gone before noon rolled around - YAY!


Saw my first June bug yesterday.
Never seen one outside the month of June. Must be all the unseasonable weather.

Had a great visit with Krissy and our friend Linda who was here for a weekend visit.
We all worked at the same airline years ago.
(I hadn't see here in maybe 15 years)


Linda is a horse buff and shared a lot of horse information with Chyann.
Her daughter goes to a college that specializes in horse type careers too.
Got Chyann all excited about possibly going there herself.

Tomorrow is a big day. Weather permitting, the Hubby and some friends are going to cut down the dead elm tree in front of the house. The place will look so naked, I can't imagine it not being there anymore.

Have a good one :)



Ami said...

Here's your chance to get a piece of cutting edge sculpture for your yard! A giant hamster? Termite?
Use your imagination!!

I love seeing old friends. Picking up where we left off, learning all the new that's happened, and of course tears and hugs.

Aunt Krissy said...

That was a fun time at your house. It was good that Chy got all kinds of info and hook ups for her horse career

NNNN - Colorado said...

Eeee gads - no wonder don't like pic taken - makes me look old & fat - oh, guess I am!!! Great time at your place & wish would have had more time - definately on "bucket list" to return & do more roadtripping. Taylor is all jazzed for Chy to come down & do some serious horse stuff this summer!!! And have already informed potty mouth "Sarge" that he may be a WI bird in a couple months - hate to get rid of him but need to cut down on birds and think you all would love him!!