Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another week done

Another week has passed.

The new growth in Chyann's leg has now grown to a whopping 20mm, as of this last Wednesday.
The doctor said she is about half way there, so maybe three more weeks in the Ilizarov.

Somehow her pain and miserableness continues to grow right along with her leg. Not much we can do, but try to make her comfortable.

She is also sick and tired of being stuck in the house! So, yesterday we hauled her out to a store or two and got a board game to play and a few new shirts to cheer her up.

It's been so very nice having my Mother here taking care of her (and me when the need arises) since I went back to work last Thursday.

Mom is still a bit unnerved about the bolts and pins going into Chyann, but is handling it quite well.

The flu is going around at school and it appears Caden has it as he spent the evening with a tummy ache and finally lost his dinner about bed time. Hope he gets over this soon!

Colton's band has another show on the 4th of March at a place called The Garage in the cities!
They are soo EXCITED!

I am so tired of this snow and cold temps! Although Spring MUST be coming because when I left work the other night at 6p I noticed that it was still a little light out!


Dar said...

So sad that Chyann is having a time of it with her leg. She sure must have a tough constitution to tolerate all the pain. My hugs and prayers are a comin'.
We had the flu 'fly' throughout the house a few weeks back with 'everyone' getting it. Hope Caden feels better soon and no one else gets it. It's never fun.
Good for Colton and his band. It sounds as tho he's having the time of his life. What an experience.
Stay warm and

tainterturtles said...

Hang in there Kellie, spring isn't too far off.

Been thinking about Chyann and hoping she can get through this difficult time. Thank heavens mom is there to help out...thanks mom!

PAK ART said...

I sure hope chyann is able to get through the pain and misery. The results will be worth it but that's hard to see when you are still on the pain end of things.