Monday, February 7, 2011

Home again

Made it home from the hospital on Saturday late afternoon.

The drive was terrible.
Every bump, pot hole, curb, turn or anything else was agony for Chyann.
And of course transferring her into and out of the van about killed her as well.

The words "HELL is for children" (old Pat Benatar song) kept running through my head.

Flowers from Grandma. They smelled so good.

At a children's hospital everything is geared for kids.
The first night we were there they had an actual dog show. The folks who put it on go around to every room to see if you want to go watch and will take you there. If you were like Chyann and couldn't go, after the show they bring the show to your room. Chyann had a ton of dogs visit that first night and every day after that the therapy dogs would come to visit too.

Physical therapy, learning how to maneuver with the crutches and move her leg. Which she is still having a very hard time doing.

Who knew you could see Seahorses at a hospital!
They were so amazing!
I bet you didn't know that when they get mad they turn black, so no tapping on the glass.

As far as hospital stays go, this one was relatively uneventful.

The room was only semi-private, with only a curtain between the two rooms and this irritated Chyann to no end! Almost every nurse would leave the curtain open, so I was continually having to shut it.

Interestingly enough though the girl in the other room and Chyann had the same birthday, same procedure done on the same leg by the same doctor, on the same day.

That girl was from St Paul and had a huge pack of family there every night. They always tried to be quiet, but when you pack a dozen or so folks in a small room with only a curtain between it is going to be noisy. Friday night another room opened up and they requested to move into it. Which made Chyann's last night in the hospital much more restful.

Currently Chyann's leg is being pushed out by a computer attached to her frame 1 and a quarter millimeter every day - continually throughout the day. Depending on how this progresses the doctors think she'll only have to wear the frame 20 - 40 days.

At this time she is one miserable kid.
In pain unless she is totally doped up.
No independence - which may just be the worst thing ever for her.

Also of note is there are NO PANTS anywhere to buy for her to wear!!
I'll be doing some serious sewing this week.


lyndylou said...

poor girl, hope she feels better soon

Aunt Krissy said...

It's nice that hospitals are now doing things that are geared for kids. I know that Chy is is pain, I feel for her. Don't skip a dose and she looks really cute high as a kite!

Anonymous said...

poor Chyann.. but, in the long run it will be worth it? thats cool about the dogs.. maybe she'll have you bring a horse in the house for her :-)

keep smiling!!

Lisa said...

Oh my!! Prayers for you. What did she have done?

PAK ART said...

Yes, bring Casper in for her. It's the right thing to do! praying for quick healing and no pain, although I know you can't have that done and not have pain. Poor girl, I feel really bad for her. The puppy and Casper should cheer her up immensely!

crochet lady said...

Chyann is one tough cookie! I hope all goes well and her recovery days are quick. That does sound painful to have her bone being pulled apart.

It's neat how they have so many interesting things for kids at the hospital.

tainterturtles said...

Oh Chyann, I feel for you. Would Chyann like to borrow a few of my soft skirts? I'm willing to loan a few....just let me know Kellie.

I'm glad you all are home safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Kellie,Chyann is like her Mother...1 tough cookie and as sweet as can be.
At least most of the time.I was hoping you would stay in contact with that little girl that was in the hospital with her.
Will she you next week
Love to all Mom