Saturday, March 27, 2010

No more workie and animals galore

Yesterday was my last day at work.
It's a strange feeling to walk out that door
for that last time and not know if or when
you'll be coming back.

We had an extended lunch with our boss at Culver's.
That was fun.

Today Krissy, Chyann and I left our house at 530a
for an animal swap in Neillsville, WI.

Krissy wanted some Cochin chickens and wasn't interested in the
hassle of raising them from chicks (good plan, as it's a lot of work).

Anyhow, the swap was held at the local fair grounds
and the weather this morning was a bit cool and probably wouldn't
have been too bad, but the wind was blowing from the North
making it seem a lot colder! Wish I'd have worn my long johns
(and brought more Kleenex).

There were a lot of folks hawking their animals and even more
folks looking for a deal.
I'd say there were more rabbits than people in attendance tho.
After rabbits there was a lot of fowl - the feathered kind,
then maybe a dozen goats, 3 miniature horses
and a smattering of pups. A few free cats too.

Not a lot of Amish, but a few were there also.

If these chicks would have stayed their crazy colors
I might have gotten them.

This strange building was across the street from the swap.
I guess it is a radio station.

In their parking lot was this huge cow.
And for a quarter you could hear Chatty Bell,
the worlds largest talking cow, give her spiel.

This is one of Kris's chickens.
The seller was helping her put them in her truck tool box.
As I took a few pic this one appeared to try to escape!

Scared the shit out of me!
I have a small chicken phobia.
I may have even let out a scream.

Chyann wanted a rabbit in the worst way after seeing
all the furry sweet bunnies.
I was standing firm tho.
"No rabbits at our house!"
She even said "Mom don't be so firm, I really need a rabbit."
Need a rabbit? What are you going to do with a rabbit?
No real answer here, but still the insistence that one was needed.
It seemed that she had given up on getting one
when the gal Kris was getting her chickens from
offered Chyann a rabbit for free.

Lots of Oh, please Mom, then.

I decided what the hell.
Free rabbit? If nothing else the cats get a meal, right?

Chyann was grinning huge with the good news.
Saying how she couldn't wail to tell/show
her buddies the new rabbit. Even trying out some names.

When out of the blue she decides, No she really didn't want
that rabbit. I am totally amazed because the WHOLE
time we were there that was ALL she said!!!
(no kidding)

Her reason for deciding not to take the rabbit was simple.

If she had it, it would be housed in her room and she
didn't want her room to stink.

Not believing my good luck,
we got out of there quick before she changed her mind!

Then ALL the way home she was wishing she'd have
gotten the rabbit. Kids, I tell ya..

We even stopped and had Gouda cheese.
I don't think I'd ever had Gouda before and it was interesting.
I liked the less aged, creamier stuff than the older stuff
that had a weird texture to it (Kris liked that best).

Krissy and I have decided to take cheese tasting road trips now,
because this is WI and there are a ton of cheese factories in
our neck of the woods within easy driving distances.

All in all a really fun day.

Don't know what I did to change my font, but
I am unable to change it back!


PAK ART said...

Sounds like a fun day all around. I think Chyann is a hoot! And smart. How come Krissy didn't get any free kitties?

Aunt Krissy said...

That Chyann! She was a hoot!
Patty, they were not kittens, maybe almost a year? and barn cats, i want cats that know how to live inside a house, not a barn.

crochet lady said...

Sounds like a fun day. You will be so glad you didn't come home with that rabbit. Why were those chicks colored?

The cheese tasting sounds like a great idea!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a ball. I like your new font better. Easier on the eyes. (yes, I'm getting old)

Anonymous said...

at least Chyann didnt want 2 rabbits.. cause you know what happens then!
glad you had a fun day. Chyann sure is a trooper getting up so early on a Saturday.
I'm sure you'll find PLENTY to keep you busy since you arent working.