Thursday, March 18, 2010

Say what?

Casper, dude you are filthy!

I took this picture of him last Saturday am.
Things around here have dried out a lot since then.

We have absolutely no snow at our place.
Gotta love these unseasonably warm temps.

One more week of work for me
and I'm really looking forward to not getting up at 4a!
I've decided to do some spring cleaning and painting first thing.
Imagine my surprise when I look at the school calendar and
realize all my kids are off the last week of March too!
Guess I'll be having some VERY reluctant helpers
in my spring cleaning adventures - insert evil laugh!!

My eldest son, as I believe I've mentioned before is
in the school play again this year. The cast has been
working long hours in practice, so much so that we hardly
see the kid anymore. When he is home I really
drive him nuts with all my questions and pestering him
to talk about what is going on in his world.
Last night he was home relatively early (630p) and I had started
my inquisition, when out of the blue
he asks if I know what happens in 7 and a half months?

I kind of pause, going through my mental filing cabinet,
and come up totally blank.
I have no idea what could possibly be happening in 7 1/2 months.

I tell him I've got no clue.

He looks at me with this face that I can only describe as
totally thunderstruck!

And I'm like WHAT!???! What is it?

He says I'm going to be 18 is what
and without missing a beat he goes on to say that he
and a friend (who is already 18) are going to drive
to St Paul and go to a strip joint!

Holy Shit!!
My jaw is on the floor and his daddy is laughing his head off!

Welcome to my world.


Linda said...


Anonymous said...

1st thing I thought when he said 7 1/2 months is that his girfriend was going to make you a grandma! lol! Glad that was WAY off base! Yeah, that trip to the strip club is a hard one to swallow. When Cody told me he was doing that same thing, I tried shaming him into staying home, he wasnt buying it, but being the "sweet" kid that he is, he told me I could go with them... well yeah that didnt happen, he went had a wonderful time, and now can never have a career in politics.

PAK ART said...

You make me crack up. Your kids are so normal. Love the pig tooth necklace, Chyann and her chickens and horses and Coltan. At least you know where his interests are. I would have my jaw dropping on the floor also. My daughter got a tattoo the day she turned 18, AGAINST my wishes.

Aunt Krissy said...

Um, so he's going to go to a strip club that doesn't serve booze then?
And this is the kid that is very shy? He better get a job as you best not be paying for the strippers! I'm not giving him cash for his b-day, I will get him info on STD's!

Kellie said...

Ebeth - Holy cow! I can't believe I actually wrote something that got you to de-lurk and leave a comment! And yes that pregnancy thought fluttered in the back of my mind for a moment or two, but I chose to ignore it and hope like hell that wasn't what he was talking about.

PAK - I bet that tattoo was against your wishes!! What did your hubby say!

Krissy - He'll just LOVE info on STD's I bet and a job is a must for him and SOON too!!

Anonymous said...

Kellie - sweet Colton would never do that.. would he?

STD info and condoms!! thats a birthday gift for an 18 year old.

yes... Casper needs a, you'd never know that was a 'white' horse!!


Anonymous said...

Hi mommy i'm at school in the computer lab thought i'd look at your blog!

Love ya


Anonymous said...

Come on guys, no money for him on his B-Day? We will remedy that, Maybe I will have Jeff slip him 20 $1.00 bills... you only have 1 18th birthday! LMBO!