Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Same ol', same ol'

This is getting to be a tired old story right?
Too busy to blog - blah, blah, blah...
That will soon be changing
as I've recently learned that my contract
will be done on March 26th.
This news is both good and bad,
good because I'll be home for the summer
with the kids and bad because I covet their
medical insurance.
(Although I surely wont miss getting up at 4am!)
Our hens have started laying again and
boy are some of them monster eggs!

Here we have Chyann with a regular egg and a pullet.

Please note how short her hair is. She got it

cut a few weeks ago and can barely get it into a pony tail.

Very cute, I tell ya.

We butchered pigs last weekend.

If you checked out Krissy's blog you saw some of the fun.

Lucky me I got to handle all the fresh meat.

Talk about nasty!

While there Caden decided to try out our friends

grandson's mini-motorcycle

(With no helmet of course when no adults were looking)

and ran into a semi-trailer.

He managed to only wound his chin

and it's a doozy. I imagine he will get a nice scar.

He also made a pig tooth necklace.

Picked those teeth out of the boiled skull himself,

his daddy drilled holes in each tooth and I helped

Caden put them on a length of fishing line.

Colton and one of his friends are doing a

disgusting squirrel project for advanced biology.

More on that later.

All else is well.

Be back soon..


Those cows on my new template resemble how I feel most days.


Lisa said...

I love the new template. So cute. I wonder if there are any goat ones? I never thought about doing a necklace for J. with the pigs teeth.

Aunt Krissy said...

Love the cows on the side. Caden sure has some really cute freckles on his nose.
I bet it will be nice to sleep in till 6am!

tainterturtles said...

Chyann looks cute with her new haircut.

As for Caden, it doesn't surprise me that he wanted to save his tooth for future jewelry!!!! What a cool idea.

crochet lady said...

Like the cows. I didn't realize that pigs teeth were so pointy and sharp.