Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting closer

It's been an incredibly busy week for us.
I'm glad it is over.

I'm not going anywhere today
and will probably take myself a nap.
Two nights last week were kid Christmas programs
that didn't get us home till 8p.
One during the day also.
Managed to figure out how to transfer the video I taped
to the DVD recorder and make copies for the Grandparents.
That was a huge feat, I shit you not.

Got packages in the mail for the Grandparents, also
Christmas cards done too.
Finally got started on Christmas shopping
Thursday after work.
Got the majority of it done
and the rest yesterday.

All that's left is the wrapping.
Cleaning house because the HUBBY
invited our son's girlfriends family over for Christmas
dinner. Krissy is abandoning me in this time of need for
relatives in MO.
(how's that for guilt! HA)

The snowmaching or sno-go or snow-mobile
(add your regional term)
is out and the kids have been riding it all over.
Pic to be posted one of these days.
I enjoy riding also, but can only manage to drive
for about 30min before my bum shoulder starts acting up.
That'd be bursitis - it's a bitch to get old and start breaking down!

Our three-footed cat Trip has somehow managed to
scrape up his stump. It's been bleeding on and off for a few
days now, but doesn't look like it's getting infected - yet.
The kids tried to bandage up his stump, but as you can imagine
that didn't work. Picture three-footed cat freaking out trying to
scurry away on two feet while keeping stump in the air.
Not a pretty sight.

Purchased myself an el-cheap-o mp3 player about a
month ago and it quit working last week.
Took it back and they gave me a new one, no questions
asked (wow, that almost never happens).
Tried to put music on it and our windows media player
is corrupted. When did that happen? and how?
Don't know.
Tried all sorts of things to fix it and now the internet
is not working properly. Great..
Gonna get on the phone to Dell - through whom
I have a software warranty. Hopefully I can get this
resolved, because being without tunes at work makes
for a very long day.

That's all for now..

Hope you are stress free these last few days before Christmas.


PAK ART said...

You do sound busy! I can't believe you didn't start Christmas Shopping till Thursday! Good luck to you with getting the rest done. Krissy is going to my in-laws for Christmas, that should be an eye-opener for her. She'll so much better understand my husband.

tainterturtles said...

After reading your post, my head was spinning. Boy you are busy Kellie. Don't stress if you don't get every thing done.

Our kids will be home in 2-3 days so my stress is melting!!!!!

crochet lady said...

My head was spinning a bit too and I was thinking...yikes poor you. You have, "too many irons in the fire," as my momma would say.

Lisa said...

Your life sounds like mine. I finally finished my wrapping a few days ago. I had to drop off J. at my mums to finish it.