Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas tree, Hair cuts and other stuff

I thoroughly enjoyed my four day weekend.

Got caught up on a lot of stuff around the house.
Like cleaning out closets, the entry way and
other odds and ends.

The tree went up on Saturday night too.
We were going to get a real one again this year, but
the kids wanted to do it right then, so we broke out the
old fake tree that we've had for about 19 years.
It may be old, but still looks good.

We've hung up all the Christmas decorations the kids
have made throughout the years.
Some of them are looking pretty rough, but
how can you throw out the first reindeer your kid made?

I also cut Chyann and Caden's hair.
Chyann got about 8" cut and she says she feels naked.
Her hair is still long about shoulder length instead of butt length
so I guess I under stand that.
Caden just got a cute "cowboy" cut.
He actually wanted a flat top, but I don't know how to do that.

The big push is on at work and I've been doing 10hr days and
planning on getting at least 6 in on Saturday (maybe 8).

Colton went to CVTC - Chippewa Valley Tech Collage
on a field trip yesterday and met with a bunch of
professors to learn about their programs.
He still is not decided on what he wants to do, but
he KNOWS he doesn't want to dig ditches or something like
that, so an education is a must.

Only 23 more shopping days till Christmas
Are you ready?

I'm not...


tainterturtles said...

That's a lot of hair to cut off! I'm so glad you know how to cut hair. Just think how much $ you saved yourself.

Don't work too hard Kellie, otherwise you'll get stressed out & maybe sick too.

Kris said...

That is a lot of OT. It wont be so bad when you open up the paycheck.
Good for Colton about wanting to go to school. I wonder how my life would be if I had done that.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. you'll have to post a pic of Chyann with her hair cut. Thats a lot to cut off. And whats a "cowboy" cut? I'm glad Colton is thinking of continuing education. its definitely important!

crochet lady said...

I need to line my fellows up for hair cuts too.

I haven't even thought about the shopping yet. I think my hubby is actually ahead of the game in that dept.