Monday, November 16, 2009

Pulling time

Today Chyann is getting Casper into
practice for pulling this winter.

She rigged him up and gave Caden rides around the yard.

Caden is still football crazy.
Kicking and throwing it at every opportunity.

Chyann had to get a ride too.

Then she decided to try out Scotch.
That went alright in the yard, but when
the sled went over the driveway poor Scotch
thought it was after him and bolted back to the barn.

This is all in preparation for winter snow when Chyann
will hook up the sled and have Casper pull her all over.
Last winter she and a friend spent 2 hours outside
in 10* temps being pulled all through the fields.
I thought they were nuts, but those
horse loving girls thought otherwise.


crochet lady said...

That's so cute. I wish i had a ponsy when i was young to pull me around. Chyann is a lucky girl.

Lisa said...

I'd love to have a horse. Sigh....That and a miniature donkey.

tainterturtles said...

Kellie, your kids are so cool. They can certainly entertain themselves. Thank heavens your kids are country kids!!!!!

Linda said...

Oh I'd love to have a horse too - that sounds like so much fun!

Aunt Krissy said...

Now you need to get her some sleigh bells!

What's Cool in AK said...

How adorable! I'm looking forward to the photos of the horse-drawn sled in action when it snows.