Friday, November 20, 2009


Yesterday the kids come home from school and
got right on their homework.

When that was all done Colton says
he's got something to show us.
We all gather around the computer.

He says in school today a friend showed him this
web site
and it was pretty cool, check this out.

He said it was a site that you could ask
questions of Jud and
Jud would give you the answers.

So, we tried it out
and I was just totally amazed!!

Colton asked it questions like
What color are Chyann's glasses,
it answered RED. Correct answer.
What color are Caden's eyes,
it answered Blue. Correct answer.
What is the name of mom's friend that moved
here from AK, it answered Kris. Correct answer.
and on and on it went...
I was totally wowed.
My hubby on the other hand said,
that it was foolery and fake. He didn't
believe a word of it.

I called Kris and told her about it and she says
I gotta check it out.
Didn't work for her or me when I tried it.

When I googled this web site I got
a bunch of hits and clicked on this on
Apparently it's all bunk.
But it sure was fun.
Apparently I'm pretty gullible.

Try it and amaze your friends..


Aunt Krissy said...

It was pretty spooky for a bit till you found out how it worked!

crochet lady said...

That's sounds weird. When I have time I'll give it a try.