Sunday, November 8, 2009

Harvest day and other stuff

Thursday afternoon the folks that rent the field
next door from our neighbors got
busy with the soy bean harvest.

They used a big combine to harvest the pods
then a tractor to cut the bush, rake them
into rows and finally a round bale thing
to roll them up.

Working late into the night they got about 80 acres done.
Now all they have left is going around and picking
up all the bales.

Caden was king of the world for a bit...

It was so beautiful yesterday.
Gorgeous blue skies and temps around 65*
with only light winds.

Cal and Colton went and cut wood
until about 5p.

Chyann, Caden and I cleaned house
then goofed with the horses for the rest of the day.

I was going to ride Scotch out in the field, but that
bugger, oh that bugger, wasn't interested.
Enough said..

Chyann and Caden rode though and had fun.

Gypsy's rain rot is clearing up so hopefully
I'll be able to ride her today.

Jenny got a good workout too.

When we fed the animals I sent Chyann to the
cow barn to check their water and she got stuck
in the muck. I went to her rescue and ended
up pulling her out (minus her shoes) and falling
into the muck myself.
Not good.
Talk about nasty...
Covered in cow crap and mud!
Oh, well we all had a good laugh.


Kris said...

I can just see you two in the muck! I would have been laughing also.

crochet lady said...

It was beautiful the last couple days.

Oops...glad you could laugh.
I got stuck in the cow field once as a kid of six and yelled and yelled for help cause I couldn't move, finally my brother came and rescued me, by that time I was in tears.

tainterturtles said...

Cow muck? Hummmm, not sure what is worse, cow muck or chicken guts!!!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the outdoors this weekend. I saw lots of cut wood being hauled on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Kellie.. I told Bill the story about you and Chyann and he said now he'll have to call you Cow S..t Kellie instead of Colfax Kellie!!
he is such a funny guy, isnt he?