Monday, June 15, 2009

We had a busy weekend doing all kinds of projects.
Cal found a frog (or is it a toad?) out by the pool when
we were getting the filter and pump out.

I finally attacked the hosta around the pool.

They sure look pretty when weeded.

We are putting a little water in the pool and when it's full we'll take a sample down to the pool people and have it tested for the chemicals we need.

Sure was a beautiful weekend here. Temps in the 80's and a light breeze.

Love WI in the summer!

The calf we had on Friday night is for sure a female and we have named her Molly. She is nursing well and soft as a kitten. She was hiding in the barn today so no new pictures of her.


It's in the mid-90's there and HOT!
Everyone went to the movies yesterday and hung out at
the mall.

They are ready to come home, but I don't think they will be here till late Friday or early Saturday. Grandpa's sister and brother-in-law have arrived from CA in their RV and are there visiting also. Sounds like a house full to me.


Aunt Krissy said...

Wow, what a little weeding will do. Cime on over to my place and get to work on my weeds!

tainterturtles said...

Geez, I couldn't even see the hostas until you weeded! They look nice now.

Molly is a nice name. I was kinda thinking Daisy would be a nice name for a cow (I can't get that Daisy sour cream commerial out of my head, ha!).

crochet lady said...

Quite a difference in your before and after picture of the hostas.

Hope you don't have to much of a load tomorrow at work. Sure wish we could have got things running tonight, but it was a no go.

PAK ART said...

You did lots of work! Wow. I really think your house looks pretty - it's so neat and trim. Did Kris tell you that I admired your stone wall garage and stable area? I just love those old stone foundations.