Monday, June 8, 2009

Aunt Krissy

Happy Birthday Aunt Krissy!

Today is my long-time friend Kris's birthday!

(this is us, about a 100 years ago, or maybe it was just 10 years ago)

I first met (via messages on the computer) Kris when we were working for the same airline in AK. I was in Cold Bay (CDB) and she was in Dutch Harbor (DUT). We didn't really get to know each other well until she was sent to Unalakleet (UNK) to get a station open there. At the time I was a green employee, having worked there for about three months and being just a wee 17 years old, I had a lot to learn about aviation. Kris had sent a message to CDB looking for a co-worker who was there visiting her boyfriend. I sent her a message back asking her where UNK was, because to me UNK sounded like it stood for unknown. She sure got a laugh out of that and we have been great friends ever since.

After I left AK, Kris would come down to visit twice a year and we would hang out talking about all the good old days when we worked for the same company. Laughing over crazy stories and wondering what ever happened to that pilot/mechanic/ticket agent. After a few years Kris decided she'd like to move to WI, so she did.

It has been great having someone from home, who knew you way back when, living so near. And if you can believe this we once again are working at the same place. We don't get to work together often, but when we do we sure have a lot of fun! Actually it's pretty funny that at our old job we had decided that the best job in the world would be to work in a library and now we do.

(this is us at the library)

OK Kid update: They are having a great time, enjoying hot sunny weather. Although there have been a few interesting things of note. Our little guy got hives yesterday and we don't really know what from, maybe the different brand of sunblock and he tipped the four wheeler over onto it's side. The princess ran the go-cart into grandma's stone garden statue and cracked it (only minimal damage to the go-cart). The big guy hit a stump when riding the go-cart and ripped out the throttle cable. Looks like grandpa will be busy fixing that today.


Anonymous said...

Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie.
bet you cant guess who this is!

I'm glad to see you have a blog. I love reading Krissy's and keeping up on whats happening, so now I'll have another one to read!

I love it so far.

Cant wait to come see your "hobby farm".


tainterturtles said...

What a nice post about you and Krissy being friends and working together.

Hope you can come in later today to enjoy some of Krissy's cake.

I want you to know I am standing guard over that cake since the Police Chief was already asking for birthday cake last week, hee, hee.

Aunt Krissy said...

Wow, it has been a long time. Talking about the old job has me thinking more pilot stories. I hope Grandpa can fix things like dad can.

crochet lady said...

That is great to hear how you and Kris met. Friends sure are one of the best blessings in life.

Nice photos of you and Kris.

PAK ART said...

Welcome to blogland! I've added yours to my blogroll. I didn't know that's how you met Kris...I knew it was at PenAir, but not stationed out like that. Glad to hear your kids are tearing things up...grandparents like that! It makes them feel useful.