Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strom Clouds and Hot WX

I took these pictures this morning. These storm clouds were toward the west and to the east it was nice and sunny. Lots of thunder and lightning and downpour rain for about 30 min, then a good soaking rain for about 2 hrs.

This bee was rescued from the pool yesterday. It dried off and went back to the flowers.

I gave Colton a hair cut yesterday. He hadn't had it cut since November. I guess the style was shaggy grungy looking. He couldn't stand all that long hair the heat though. Our weather (wx) here has been in the mid 90's with high humidity all this last week.

Caden and Chyann hanging out.

A deer we saw in the field next to the house.

Been busy doing all kinds of stuff. We got the garden about 3/4 weeded, lawn mowed and some horse work done. More about that some other post. I was going to donate blood today since I had not been able to the last few times I tried, due low iron, but decided not to because it's soo hot and I am going to drink copious amounts of beer tonight!

Also I got a bad rock chip in my windshield today on our way to Eau Claire!! Rotten luck it's just in my line of sight.. Good thing I have a hubby that can get that fixed.


Aunt Krissy said...

Nice pic of the clouds. Also Colton looks good with his new do.

crochet lady said...

Wow those clouds do look ominous. That bee seems big, I bet he was happy to be scooped out of the pool. I bet the pool feels nice on these hot days.

PAK ART said...

I love pics around your farm and the sky. I love the thunder and lightening and storm clouds. It is so awesome. We had unusual weather last evening with thunder and lightning. My dogs were scared.