Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter arrives

It started snowing last night.

This morning when I went out to feed the horses, it was raining and I wondered how long the snow would last.

Two hours later we've got big flakes coming down.
2-4" expected.

It is beautiful.

I am looking forward to the Hubby coming home and firing up the wood furnace for the first time this season.

Since we did our Thanksgiving dinner with the kids already tomorrow we will be having ribs and all the yummy BBQ type fixings.

The most unexpected thing happened this week.
My Mother got a smart phone.
She had worried that it would be difficult to figure out how to use, but nope she is doing better with it than I did when I first switched.
Her first call to me was actually a facetime request!
I was absolutely thrilled to see and talk to her.
Made my day!
She worries occasionally that her hair doesn't look just right, but what she doesn't realize and I tell her is - I don't care how your hair looks, it's so good to see your face!
Especially when she laughs.
Technology people, it is a wonder.

Hope you have a great holiday and safe travels if you are traveling to be with loved ones.

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