Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday times

Yes yesterday was hot! And by hot I mean 78*!
Good thing I was thinking ahead and applied multiple layers of sunblock so today I'm only dealing with a somewhat red nose and forehead. 

Enjoyed a hell of a good baseball practice. 
Took a 2.5 mile walk all by myself. I think next time I'll be bringing one of the dogs as I'm sure I heard a bear or other large animal thrashing through the woods. Scared the crap out of me.
Little video of Caden up to bat.

Today Chyann and I managed to get the stairs and upstairs hallway painted. 
I didn't expect her to help, but she unexpectedly decided to lend a hand and I loved it. 
Maybe she is realizing she wont be here to enjoy these random times spent together soon.

I am one of those painters who is excited to start painting and then ready for it to be done within the first five minutes. So it was a good thing Chyann was there to keep me from getting sloppy. I told my Dad I wished he was there to help since he is practically a professional. 
A word to the wise as told to me, buy good paint. Not the cheep shit. Get the spendy stuff. It's definitely worth the extra money. One coat of the good stuff and it completely covered the peachy shit I previously had on the walls. Should have taken before and after pictures, but I didn't. 

Then it was time to make the pizzas. 
Sundays used to be devoted to Mexican food, now it's pizza. 
Deep dish stuffed crust pizza with garlic butter crust and it is amazing! 
The two big pizzas I have already removed from the cast iron skillets and they are cooling on pizza stones. I love my cast iron. If you don't have any yet you should get some. 
Caden is ready to eat apparently.
The lego building you ask? Yes he and another boy built it today as part of a math project involving  math and designing a house. He just brought it up from the basement and course we had to stick it in the picture.  

After dinner is batting practice. 
Beautiful evening for it. 

I received an email today from a neighbor we had in AK. His son and Colton were good friends. We kept in touch for a few years after we left and now we pretty much just correspond via Christmas cards so I was surprised to hear from them. They were sharing the news that their son had become a father to a beautiful daughter named Cecil. 
Hard to believe our children are old enough to be parents, but I suppose it's true. I just hope my children hold off on that for a few years to come. Get established first, then think about a family. Course I can say that and they will do just whatever the hell they want right? Still. Get established. Then think about all the rest of that. 

Have a good week :)

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Ami said...

I swear I do not know how anyone 'gets established' these days. It's just awful out there, really.

I remember people saying that when I got married, too, though.
"Oh it must be SO HARD to get established now!!"

That was 1980.

The pizza looks wonderful. I wonder if you could send it UPS?